[PANN] 161228 ++)) These are official slogans of different groups which we should respect

I see some of you arguing and I wrote this post because I believe it's better for all of us to learn and stop using slogans of other groups.
And I saw some of you not sure why we have to respect these slogans. This is like how wrong it is for other shoe brands like Adidas to use Nike's "Just do it" slogan. Let's respect the slogan of other groups!

BEAST = 오래보자 (Let's see each other for a long time)
EXO = 사랑하자 (Let's love)
BTOB = 예지앞사/ 예전에도 지금도 앞으로도 사랑해 (I loved you before and I will love you forever)
Seventeen = 빛내줄게 세븐틴 (We will help you shine, Seventeen) Hoshi = 10:10
Teentop = 이자리 지킬게 (We will remain here)
Mamamoo = 놓지 않을게 (We don't let you go)
Infinite = 해피엔딩이 아닌 네버엔딩 (It's a never ending and not a happy ending)
VIXX = 나라세 (Narasae) (T/N: VIXX used backward making-effect for their G.R.8.U MV so the members had to memorize the words backward too. Since N's part was "사랑해 사랑해 사랑해" (sa-rang-hae sa-rang-hae sa-rang-hae), we'd expect him to sing "해랑사x3" (hae-rang-sa) but he had to say "na-ra-sae" instead to look like he's singing the words backward. )
BTS = 우지화/우리 함께하는 지금, 화양연화 (This moment we spend together, HYYH)
Shinee = 5늘처럼 2렇게 5래보자 (Let's see each other for a long time just like today)
Big Bang = 여러분은 나의 에브리띵 (You guys are my everything)
I don't get why some of you use the slogan of other groups when these slogans are well known

EXO was especially slandered for their "사랑하자" slogan since it was grammatically wrong but I see others using it here and there ㅋㅋㅋ I will attach a photo of my idol

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Response +468 -42

1. I'm EXO L and we went through a lot of hardships. There are many fandoms who say we're overreacting for nothing serious ㅜㅜ I know how you guys feel, B2TYs ㅜㅜ +368 -42

2. No one will dare touch BTOB's 예지앞사 now ㅋㅋㅋ they even released a song +234 -11

3. BTS has 보라해 (bora-hae) and 우지화. Someone commented 화양연화 (HYYH - The most beautiful moment in life) but 화양연화 is an existing word and ours is 우지화♡ +106 -6

(T/N: Slogan is a sensitive subject among fandoms so I hope we all respect each other and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings/arguments! Although these phrases are just Korean phrases/words, it can be very meaningful to each group and their fandom. 보라해 doesn't really make sense in Korean (grammatically) but it's important and special to us, ARMYs because of what Taehyung said. Let's respect each other!)

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