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I knew Rap Mon as an idol who raps after seeing many posts about him on PANN. I listened to his song when I heard he released something today and I think it's daebak. He's still young but his lyrics sounded so painful so I felt bad for him... I don't know what he went through but I hope he won't have to go through something similar in the future... his song made me teary. Rap Monster fighting and cheer up
+) many of you left me twisted comments but I personally have no plans of deleting this post...I wrote what I felt and the upvotes are increasing because there are many people who agree with me so I don't know why you're blaming others... I wrote this post here (Entertalk) because I thought Fan Talk was a place only for their fans and it felt wrong for me to go there. Can't we post posts like this on Entertalk??....
I listened to the song in BTS's blog~

If that is true, how could you prove it?
I can see my breath in the air (cold) when I breath out
I see the breath frosting on the window
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1. It's a song I did a simple record after working on it early last year. When I'm mentally tired, I kept it recorded because I didn't want to let those emotions flow away from me and fortunately I feel much better now! But I'm revealing the song because I thought it felt like a waste to just throw the song away just because I've overcome the emotion. I thought of editing and arranging the song a bit but I decided to leave it as it is because I want to leave those past emotions in the song. Sometimes a sad song can be the greatest comfort during sad times." - that is the explanation left by Namjoon and I've attached the lyrics below. Really. Dear haters who write thoughtless comments and not criticisms, the celebrities don't deserve to suffer by your reckless actions just because they're celebrities. They are human before their job and you are a person before a hater. +127 -3

2. I guess it's inappropriate to say such thing but I think Rap Mon is really thoughtful. Every lyric written by him are like jems... I think he described the many things he went through with this song and perhaps it was too painful for a 23 year old to endure. It might sound cringeworthy but that is why I think he's cooler and I'm always grateful... I'll attach a photo of fans assuming why Rap Mon uploaded the song at 11:11... Thank you for listening to the song, OP. Happy new year! +94 -1
I wonder why Namjoon's song was revealed at 11 and not 12...does this mean there might be another 12am bait for us? Hello. 1111 is actually known as angel number- it's the time when positive thoughts gather and there's a tradition (?) where people believe their wish might come true when you make a wish at that hour. Perhaps that could be the reason? :)

3. Right now, BTS is slandered a lot because there are posts about them on Entertalk ranking. Please try to refrain from posting if you can... +73 -11

4. I could tell how much BTS is picked on by the PANN users after reading the comments. Some people pretend like it's mandatory for the OPs to prove their fandom when they write complimenting posts about BTS and say "if you don't you're an ARMY". Entertalk is for celebrity posts and BTS posts enter the Selected Talk ranking because people are interested in reading these posts but you tell the OPs to move their post to fantalk board or delete their post ㅋㅋㅋ you guys are funny +37 -0

5. Why are you all asking the OP to delete the post? This is a praising post. Let's just accept the compliments. People who don't like BTS can skip the post. OP mentioned BTS in the title and there had been many idol-related posts on PANN until now but haters say we're conquering the Selected Talk chart. Let's just ignore them. This just proves that there are many users who are interested in BTS +31 -1

6. I'm not a BTS fan but I love his lyrics. I listened to the songs in their album and I cried during "I want to be free from freedom".... +28 -0

7. I want to sincerely apologize to people who write posts like this. Whenever someone writes a praising post on Entertalk, we always have to tell them to come to our fantalk board when they write their posts with good intentions... +20 -0

8. Why should BTS receive hate when someone writes a post about them on Entertalk? +16 -1

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