[PANN] 170107 Park Bogum and V attended Big Bang's concert

photos from Twitter
they're heartwarmingly handsome...
+++++) It looks like Jin and Jimin also went to the concert

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1. I'm a fan of Park Bogum and this upsets me a bit ㅠㅠ +97 -3
Jimin and Jin who joined them later wore cap+mask and Taehyung only had his cap on... that was why he kept digging his chin into his coat and kept his head down.. ㅜㅜ Seriously, don't they care about others? Is everything okay if they get to see their favorite celebrities? They don't consider a bit about them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I understand some of you taking photos. Park Bogum was okay about it too so he smiled and talked with people but even when the staffs came and begged the fans to go back to their seats, they continued to crowd around them (I blurred the photo but if you think it's going to be an issue, please let me know) This was taken when the staffs asked them to go back to their seats for almost 15 minutes... but still there are many people around them When the two of them felt the crowd was becoming bigger, Park Bogum covered his face into the fur of his coat and V kept looking down and curling up My heart f*cking hurt to watch them. I felt really bad to see them thinking they're ruining their favorite artist's concert just because of their presence... ㅜㅜ

2. I'm a fan of Park Bogum and this is an unexpected friendship. I'm interested a lot in V. I wish I could see him in person too ㅠㅠ +89 -1
And V left his seat when we were waiting for the last three encore songs. He was sitting in the area next to mine. I was AA row so I walked across 2M and his face was really tiny He wore a long overfit black coat which almost reached his ankle+mask + cap but he looked f*cking tall because of his tiny face. seriously I'm not exaggerating. He looked like a model... and I felt f*cking bad for him. He must have come to see Big Bang because he's a fan of them but people took photos of him for over 15 minutes and screamed around him. The staffs came and asked the fans to not move from their places but people still ran to them...

3. they went to their previous concert too. BTS is still a group of Big Bang fanboys... This time it's Seokjin, Bogum-nim, Taetae and Jimin... They got to sit next to Big Bang at Gayo Daejeon and they looked so shy... the successful fanboys +80 -2

4. I found this on Twitter. Look at V smiling at the baby when she grabbed his hand... heart attack +73 -1

5. V's really f*cking handsome... +53 -0

6. Our Bogumie went to see the show as a fan tooㅠㅠ this is a bit.. +41 -2

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