[PANN] 170108 ??? Even Taehyung wore Yoongi's pajamas

Couple pajama...? or did someone borrow it?
I found this on twitter too so I don't know where the screenshot is from and I asked the posted on Twitter and s/he said s/he doesn't know where it's from ㅠㅠ

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1. ah... I've been trying to decide if I should get this or not... as expected, I should go get it +13 -0

2. I think Taetae won't be wearing it now ㅎ there were pajamas in his recent birthday support

3. heol heol...ah I don't have moneyㅜ should I get this?

4. I think that screenshot's from VCR they played in Japan ㅠㅠ they had really rare gifs and photos from the Japanese DVD.. I wonder when they'd release it for us

5. this is my first time seeing that photo of Taehyung

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