[PANN] 170110 Another hashtag trended on Twitter

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah this is driving me crazy
3. #방탄_거울보라해
"tell them to go look in the mirror_BTS"
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1. Why do they do things to hurt people all the time? And it's funny how they frame us as the victim cosplaying fandom... the scars you give others will all come back to you. Twitter is the place watched by many media staffs, celebrities, and other agencies but it seems like they don't care whose image they're ruining with their action. "Fans representing their artist" is not something irrelevant either. They're able to do this because they're not aware of their action ruining their own artist +34 -3

2. I'm sure they would have gone f*cking nuts if we told them "go look in the mirror" ㅋㅋ +32 -0
3. Let's glue it here. What if they insist it was just few of them ㅜㅜ~ +24 -1

4. they're really amazing. seriously they do the nastiest thing +6 -2

5. Eppis, I know you're all mad but don't post anything about this on Entertalk without discussing. And please don't do something like them on Twitter as a revenge. +4 -0

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