[PANN] 170115 Save ME is a real masterpiece...

I tried listening to it without much thought because my friend was like "please listen to this song" and I f*cking love it
I have seen comments left by fans saying it's a nice song but I didn't know it would be this amazing
I think it's good enough to use it as a title track
Anyway, please recommend me some of their songs
I will attach a photo of my own singer
You guys keep saying Fantalk, Fantalk. Where is Fantalk?

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Response +147 -10

1. Please listen to "2, 3", "Young Forever", "Butterfly"!! +16 -1
2. OP, please try watching the MV too... the video has great color palette ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +16 -1
3. Thank you ㅜㅜ Save me is very unique so I don't think there are many songs like Save me but songs like butterfly, whalien 52 suggested by other Eppis are nice too!+16 -0
4. I've not seen people telling the OPs who write similar posts about other idols to go to the fantalk board but for BTS many of you tell them to go... +13 -2
5. It's not like Save me but there's a song called "tomorrow"and that's my personal favorite song from their albums. I hope you'll listen to other songs like let me know and miss right when you have time ㅜㅜ thank you! +10 -0
6. young forever and intro:HYYH have similar vibes like Save me although they're different in genre! I recommend nevermind and the last track interlude from their recent album WINGS +7 -0

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