[PANN] 170119 I think BTS is close with the BBVIX-line

I will state this before I begin.. hi, I'm BANA!

You guys know BBVIX, right? It's BTOB + B1A4 + VIXX

(T/N: I wrote it as "BBVIX" but 비비빅 is more like BBVIK. 비비빅 (Vivivik) is also a name of a red bean ice cream)

So that's the line and I think BTS has become friends with them...
The lines I have in my mind are

BTS Jin + VIXX Ken + B1A4 Sandeul (JinKenDeul)
BTS V + BTOB Sungjae (95 friends)
BTOB Sungjae + VIXX Hyuk (highschool friends)
B1A4 Sandeul + BTOB Sungjae/Eunkwang [Sungjae - Idol chef king, I saw Eunkwang during something on Dream Concert..)
B1A4 Gongchan/Baro + BTOB Eunkwang/Changsub/Hyunsik (Jung.Dae.Man)
BTS Suga/Jungkook/V + VIXX Hongbin + B1A4 Gongchan (I think this is the Overwatch line)
BTOB Changsub + B1A4 Jinyoung (the 91 liners)

I think this is their friendship line and... when I watched the fancams of JinKenDeul playing together at ISAC, I saw other members smiling at them and it looked like BTS was close with the BBVIX line!
I think Overwatch played an important role..
That Suga, Jungkook, V, Hongbin, Gongchan line was revealed by Hongbin on Jung.Dae.Man when he said he played Overwatch with Suga, Jungkook and V. This is also based on that fact Gongchan and Hongbin are great Overwatch buddies.
Other than that, I know that Gongchan and V talk on Kakaotalk...

Am I the only one who thinks BTS is close with BBVIX!!!!!!!!!!!! JinKenDeul is famous so please bring BTS to your BBVIX line!!!!!!!!!!

JinKenDeul was amazing at this year's ISAC... I was dying from their cuteness in my bedroom because I'm an unlucky BANA. Everybody say JINKENDEUL PLEASE COME ON FLOWER BROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandeul, you said you will go fishing with Jin if you two appear on Flower Bromance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Response +489 -28

1. Our Taetae is teething lately...ㅎㅎ +212 -1

2. I'm BANA and I love everyone mentioned on this postㅋㅋ especially JinKenDeul. They're like typical friends and the three of them carried this ISAC... and please play with our eldest hyung Shinwoo too... he's shy around strangers so he's always all aloneㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ but he's also one of the crazy members who doesn't lose against Sandeul Baro at their dormㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I found this fanart somewhere online and this looks just like them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +173 -1

(crawl on all fours! the loser has to buy a meal!!!!)
(Sandeul! Get ready to pay!!!)

[Only a year older] Jinyoung: They're young... | Shinwoo: So young, so young...

3. What's really shocking is that BTOB BTS B1A4 and VIXX all starts with ㅂ. I guess I'm the only one surprised... BBVIXTAN's friendship should long run until the end~♥ +158 -3

4. This photo makes your heart warm +74 -0

5. I can't find a photo of them with BTS so.. BBVIX.. +69 -0

6. Leo is really shy around strangers and seeing him talking with BTS members around him made me realize he's very close with them ㅋㅋㅋ +66 -0

7. I didn't know other members of BTS would be close with VIXX members (except JinKen) +62 -0

8. VIXX, B1A4 are all angels♡ I was a bit disappointed because I didn't get to see BTOB and BTS's interaction but I like BTOB a lot too ^^ +57 -0

9. gif version of the top comment +55 -0

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