[PANN] 170122 Hello. This is EXO Fantalk. We're truly sorry.

Hello. This is EXO fantalk. We decided to write this post because we wanted to apologize regarding the plagiarism real-time hashtag that trended last May. We would like to sincerely express that we're not writing this post with petty attitude to make you apologize to us by apologizing insincerely.

Before we begin explaining, we'd like to apologize for writing this post after 8 months and to BTS and their fandom who would have been wounded by this incident.

EXO fantalk board's apology post was delayed for 8 months due to our complacent thought, "Why should EXO fantalk board apologize for the things done by immature fans on Twitter?". However, we confirmed that a post regarding this plagiarism accusation hashtag received 14 and 30 upvotes on EXO fantalk. We're not here to apologize merely because someone posted such post on EXO fantalk board. We have recognized that EXO fans on Twitter or EXO fans on PANN fantalk are all fans of EXO and we want to express how sorry we are to BTS Enter task and the entire BTS fandom who would have been wounded by this incident. We feel terrible because we know that our apology is very late. And we're also sorry for not being able to make the people who took part in this real-time hashtag to apologize personally to all of you.

According to the screenshot, a post with the title "Hey, the real-time hashtag on Twitter is f*cking dope" with the screenshot of  #표절갑BTS (#finalbossofplagiarismBTS) staying No.1 on Twitter was posted on May 6th 2016 on EXO fantalk. And 30 users upvoted this post and another post asking the users to go tweet the hashtag on Twitter received 14 upvotes. We sincerely apologize and we truly feel bad for not ignoring the trolls, not doing our best to stop this situation and for apologizing only now after months without realizing the proper situation and apologizing on time. And we are truly sorry for accusing BTS for copying EXO and other singers/groups' concept and outfit, accusing them of Sajaegi, harming BTS's image, trending hashtags like "방탄 표절" (BTS plagiarism) on Twitter, mocking BTS by calling them 표절소년단 (Plagiarism Boy Scouts) and other actions like these which caused unerasable wounds to BTS and their fans.

EXO fan talk will not tolerate our members from participating in trending hashtags that slander other artists in the future. And if we see any aggressive or slandering posts about other idols/singers and fandoms, we will do our best to stop them and stop the situation from hurting other fans. We sincerely apologize with our head bowed to BTS and BTS's fandom who would have received scars due to this incident. We will be careful again and again to not let anything like this happen in the future. For the last time again, we are truly sorry.

++ At present, our opinions have not narrowed down. We apologize.

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Response +111 -170

1. Could you guys please tell us what you are going to do about the plagiarism label that's following us because of that incident? Are you guys going to do a (keyword) cleaning campaign? +218 -7

2. You said you tagged this post as a notice because you wanted more people would read your post. If so, please move this to the Entertalk. And even now, people still comment ㅍㅈ (plagiarism) and ㅅㅈㄱ (sajaegi) under news articles related to BTS. I know that you're aware of how much impact these little comments can cause to an artist. What are you guys going to do about this? Your apology cannot put an end to this situation because it's related to the image of the singer and their future promotions. We're concerned because your future plans play an important role. Are you guys going to spread your apology posts and cleaning campaign with the dedication you had to trend the hashtag on Twitter? +160 -4

3. I hope you could replace "유감" from your post. +118 -0
[adjective] feeling unsatisfied, feeling displeased
ㄴ (OP) I apologize. We did not select the proper word. We have edited the post. +1 -0

4. You guys post everything on Entertalk so why do you post your apology post on our fantalk? +63 -0

5. I read your apology post well. I don't know if you remember this but you saw how we handled the problem we had with our hub home site? We posted a similar apology post on Entertalk and many commented, "Forgiveness is free"  + "This doesn't sound like an apology post.. it's more like they're trying to explain their situation. Please tell us how you're going to fix the problem". We asked for forgiveness again after changing the entire staffs of the hub home site, reorganizing the site again, asking the people who caused the problem (only less than 10 people were involved in this) to write letters of apology. Of course, we still have people who are mad at us and we're deeply ashamed. During that time, users on BTS fantalk board blamed ourselves for this problem and BTS fantalk board was very quiet like a  mourner's house. And when we were accused of ㅍㅈ (plagiarism), we tried to clarify by using another artist as an example and we were blamed again for "pulling another artist into this mess" so we had to post an apology letter on Entertalk. Even when we were faced with the horrible situation, we had to stay up at night to write the apology post. But the reaction towards your action is very different compared to ours. And are you honestly unaware that those 2 posts weren't the only ones posted on your board? You just brought 2 of them. I'm sorry for lurking around your fantalk board but whenever fanwar strikes,  I take screenshots of your and our fantalk board with objectivity. I think you guys do the same thing considering the post you guys posted on Entertalk. I will not post this on Entertalk myself because I don't want to start a bigger fire but I don't know how I should react to such apology post. There are many people commenting about plagiarism on BTS news articles. I hope you guys will discuss what you will do to solve this issue. You should be apologizing to BTS and not us. +55 -2

6. Are you sure you're sorry... you just posted this on fantalk board... why aren't you taking this to Entertalk? We see "plagiarism" under every BTS articles.. our BTS would have seen enough of them.. do you think your apology would make any difference? Please explain this to people who accuse them still +37 -0

(T/N: Each group's fandom has their own fantalk board and this apology post was posted on BTS's fantalk board by EXO Ls)

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