[PANN] 170123 This is what happened until now ((Eppis who weren't here during the night, please read this

Let me organize what happened today. Around 9PM yesterday, EXO talk posted a refutation post on Entertalk with the title "The 10 truths of EXO'L's brutalities" on Entertalk. (Please read this on Entertalk). We commented that we'd like an apology regarding the May realtime hashtag incident and then...

(trans here)

We all agreed that this apology would be buried if it's left on our fantalk board so all of us agreed to ask EXO fantalk to move the post to Entertalk and we wrote a requesting post after many hours of discussing and editing. The below screenshot is what we posted 

(trans here)

And they commented

They spoke to us informally and asked us to get out from their fantalk board and that's their attitude of not wanting to hear us. We even prepared the comments to put as the top comments when EXO fantalk move their post to Entertalk (Eppis who were around the night would know this) We really didn't expect them to react like that.
This is what happened until tonight.. (current time is 2:52AM)

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