[PANN] 170124 It looks like V also has a very small head

Minho has a f*cking tiny head and you really don't see much difference 

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Response +225 -19

1. This is a photo of him with a baby and you can tell he has a really small head +79 -1

2. wow but why is V so handsome? +61 -2

3.  ♡ +22 -1

4. Minho is famous for having a small face and we can't see much different between the two so V's face must be really small too +15 -0

5. Meanwhile, they look f*cking gorgeous +15 -0

6. keuuu why are they both so handsome +14 -0

7. this is insane... they're so f*cking handsome... +13 -0

8. I think he looks good in hats like this because our Taetae has a small head ㅠㅠㅠ  +12 -0

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