[PANN] 170125 Guys, about BTS Jungkook...

I'm from another fandom but please watch this... he's so cuteㅠㅠ does he usually talk like that? I love the way he talks. It's like he's using satoori but not using it fully either... my heart flutters whenever I hear him talk ㅠㅠ

Here's my proof of my fandom. ARMYs, please leave me BTS Jungkook-nim photos ㅠㅠ I'm trying to save his photos really hard because he's so handsome...

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Response +369 -64

1. heart attack.. +103 -2

2. Thanks for watching him favorably ㅜㅜ I like OP's idol group Block B tooㅜㅜ I personally love Zico and Park Kyung-nim.. their rap style is my style ㅜㅜ +82 -2

3. Thanks for watching him favorably ㅜㅜ +75 -2

4.♥ +28 -1

5. Our Kookie... he speaks really softly... Golden Maknae Kookie.. I like you a lot... I love you.. our maknae is 21 already... already... time really flies... our JjungKkoo +24 -1

6. the realistic gif of Jeon Jungkook +21 -1

7. Our Rabbit is a cutie... +20 -1

8. Thanks for watching Jungkook favorably! ♡ BTS Block B fighting!! +17 -1

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