[PANN] 170126 Idols who I personally think are amazing in dancing

Shinee, BTS, Red Velvet, Squirtle, NCT127, Big Bang, Got7

(T/N: I'm not sure what OP means by Squirtle.. perhaps, OP means idols who look like Squirtle? (eg. Red Velvet Yeri, TWICE Nayeon))

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Response +504 -130

1. Thank you so much for mentioning BTS ㅠㅠ BTS's dances are amazing to follow if you want to go on a dietㅋㅋㅋ Personally, I think Got7 Yugyeom-nim is a great dancer too. He's close with Jungkook and I wish them more success! I love all the singers you've mentioned in this post +213 -22

2. Thanks for mentioning Got7! Most of Got7 members are good dancers and they're talented! Especially Yugyeom and JB! The members all dance in different style so it's interesting ㅎㅎ +96 -13

3. Thanks for mentioning BTS! They are all great dancers but I don't know how they could dance so in sync... this is the legendary Marine Boy Scouts +78 -6

4. Thanks for mentioning BTS! I hope we all succeed in 2017! +70 -5

5. BTS really dances in perfect sync... even my friend said they're an incredible group. God BTS! +62 -8

6. BTS members dance well... ㅎㅎ +53 -4

7.  I get goosebumps when I watch BTS dancing. They're f*cking cool +52 -5

8. Got7's pride - martial arts performance  +42 -4

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