[PANN] 170128 Amazingly talented 97 idols

The main vocalists of 3rd generation idols are all 97ers...

BTS main vocalist Jungkook 

Seventeen main vocalist Dokyeom

Gfriend main vocalist Yuju

Gfriend lead vocalist Eunha

iKon main vocalist Koo Junhoe

Black Pink main vocalist Rosé

Twice main vocalist Jihyo

I think 97ers are a real group of talented singers

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Response +545 -45

1. Thanks for watching him favorably +269 -29

2. Jungkook, you shine the brightest when you sing +259 -25

3. Junhoe, you need to collaborate with other 97ers. Now, Hyunseok should just cooperate +130 -20

4. Thanks for mentioning Kook +69 -11

5. Thanks for Kookie♡ +55 -5

6. I can't remember where but didn't the 97ers sing together somewhere? The vocal team of Seventeen played the band too.. the talent of 97ers are (thumbs up) +54 -7

7. Yuju and Jungkook were amazing during I'm a butterfly stage. I wish Rose and Junhoe would join them and perform the song once more +50 -2

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