[PANN] 170128 Guys, Hwarang V's acting...

Do you think he's doing a good job?
I never mean to say he's bad... I'm only asking out of pure curiosity because I don't know...

Is he talented among other idols?

I'm attaching this gif because she's pretty!

+) heol my post became a selected talk!
I haven't posted many posts on PANN so it feels really strange... thanks for your opinion ㅠㅜㅠ please stop downvoting the postㅠㅜ I'm not trying to bring down V with this post...

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Response +76 -31

1. If he was a bad actor, BTS has many haters so they would have spread so many gifs and video cuts +109 -0
ㄴ come to think of it, BTS haters are calm these days +7 -0
ㄴ Haters try to slander them in every possible way so I'm sure they'd be after him with hawk eyes if he was bad +5 -0

2. This was his first acting and this is a historical drama too so it must have been difficult. But his character is similar to V's usual personality so I think he did quite well. I think he'd be better if he could improve his vocalization +108 -11

3. Don't you think he's doing very well considering this is his veeerrry first acting? +86 -11

4. I think he's doing well +44 -3

5. Why are some commenters saying there weren't any emotional scenes? What about the scene in episode 12... I saw about 2 emotional scenes.. what are you guys talking about +37 -1

6. I watched the drama without realizing he was an idol and the part where he got mad at his brother was cute... I rewatched the part he goes "sssi" 4 times ㅋ +34 -1

7. No one's slandering him +30 -0

8. Other than the little satoori accent he has at times, I think he's doing well... I think he'll do really well if he comes on Reply series ㅋㅋㅋ +25 -1

9. Right now we aren't seeing any acting controversies of V. This will answer your question +24 -1

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