[PANN] 170128 Professional BTS Jin

It began to rain continuously but Jin went fishing with Sleepy and they successfully caught fish by intensely devoting to hunting.

Jin still sharing his jokesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

+) my post became a Selected Talk ㅜㅜ He deserves to be praised so I hope this will spread around moreㅜ

Have you seen anyone whose face and their personality match so well like him?
Seokjin's personality is just like the visual we see from him. He's a real angel.

This is my favorite photo of Jinㅋ

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Response +949 -50

1. I knew he was pretty but I didn't expect him to have great personality too... +206 -4

2. He looks like a good person, a very gentle person +195 -3

3. You worked really hardㅠㅠ +168 -3

4. I like BTS because they all have great characters. None of them would cause any attitude controversy either +86 -0

5. But Jungle is... +77 -0
Can a BTS member join us every month?

6. ㅜㅜ he had to go to Japan right after that... you worked hardㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +70 -0

7. I could see that he's a kind person. He's the perfect example of a person brought up well by his family +68 -0

8. Solbi asked Sleepy if he was okay and Sleepy said he was fine, even though he wasn't feeling well Jin said, "That's good to hear"... I realized he's a very genuine person +61 -0

9. I'm EXO L and Jin... you know that CF of him where he goes "DON'T RECORDDD!" in that 5 second thing? I started to like him after seeing that because it was hilarious and after watching this (LOJ), I realized he's a very sincere person with cheerful personality +55 -0

10. I can't describe and compliment BTS's characters enough. Jin's positive and he leads his younger brothers well with a mature mind and his younger brothers are nice so they follow his lead and listens to him. I think this is why BTS is able to remain as a great team. +46 -0

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