[PANN] 170129 This is why BTS Jin is amazing

This is vocal trainer Kim Sungeun who trained BTS and she mentioned BTS Jin on  a program

MC: Among the many singers you have trained so far, which student improved the most?

Jin started acting before singing

The biggest challenge was for him to change his vocalization

Kim Sungeun: I'd say "transformed" rather than improved..

One of her best model students, BTS Jin

Kim Sungeun: Jin would say "Ahhㅠㅠ I can't do this! I can't do this!"

Kim Sungeun: He practices a loooot! He practices a lot before coming to class.

Kim Sungeun: Even now!

MC: There's a good reason why successful people succeed..!

Among the many celebrities you've trained, are there any unforgettable episodes?

First is BTS Jin. Jin sent me a song one day. He told me, "Teacher, this is a song we used to practice during our previous lessons. I tried recording it properly this time. My singing has improved a lot.". It was really wonderful and honestly, you can't find a proper MR to this song but Jin had personally created the MR himself and recorded it officially at a studio. I remember crying really hard at 3AM after listening to that song. Jin is a wonderful student. He always invites me every time they hold a concert in Seoul or in other countries.

After watching their "Without a heart" stage at GDA, I thought he was a great singer naturally so I'm surprised to hear that he worked hard to sing well and I think he's amazing

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1. Honestly other members of BTS were involved in music or dance related fields even before their debut but Jin was just an ordinary student at Konkuk University. He did want to enter the entertainment industry but he focused on acting so he didn't know much about music. I know that vocalization is quite important and it's amazing how Seokjin changed his acting vocalization to a singer's vocalization. I'm proud of his improvements. People who aren't BTS fans would say he still lacks but fans who have seen Seokjin improving gradually are really proud of him... We make fun of him by calling him the wing of BTS dance but Seokjin's still a member of BTS. His dancing has improved tremendously and I think being able to dance to BTS's choreography makes him a great dancer. +69 -0

2. He has improved a lot compared to their debut days. I think he's great at mind controlling. Rap Mon said that Jin surprised him when they met for the first time. Trainees always feel nervous and anxious every day but Jin always seemed calm and relaxed. And this didn't mean he didn't practice either. Just like what the vocal trainer said, Jin always worked behind everyone. It's really surprising and I guess he studied well too since he entered Konkuk university.. (ending with handsome Jin) +65 -0

3. He's the true definition of "gentle in appearance, but sturdy in spirit" +42 -1

4. He might look like a Bunglie who always sends flying kisses, jokes with the youngest member and shares his ahjae jokes every day but I think Jin's the most rational, realistic and calm member. Even when Dante the whiner threw a doll at him and offended him in every way, he stayed calm and tried to talk sense into him. From his interviews and broadcasts where they share their inner thoughts, you can tell he's the real eldest member of the group. And during ethics and moral classes, they emphasize a lot on self-esteem, right? I don't think I've seen anyone with such high self-esteem like him. Even when haters slander and criticize him he goes "ah, is that so? maybe. whatever I just need to work hard on my job". Anyway, he has a very straight character and he acts immature and not like the eldest of the group because he decides not to. Namjoon is the leader and if he acts like the eldest hyung of the group just because he's the oldest, Namjoon's position would look awkward. Jin only comes forward when the team needs their eldest hyung and he said as the eldest hyung, his role is to make his group feel comfortable +28 -0

5. Kim Seokjin was picked by his agency on road. It's really nice to see him getting recognition after working so hard +20 -0

6. I was so frustrated when people slandered him and called him talentless so it's really nice to see people praising him like this +18 -0

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