[PANN] 170130 The reason why Taetae was chased out from his room in Hwarang ㅠㅠ

He was bullied by his roommates ㅠㅠ He approached/bribed the Chief officer with nurungji and changed his room ㅠㅠ

(T/N: 누룽지 (nurungji) is a traditional Korean food. It's the thin scorched rice that's left after making rice. This is usually served as it is (like a snack) but it's also used to make other types of dishes.)

My roommates are.... bullying me... (sniffs)

This (nurungji) expresses my respect for Chief officer. (coughs)

When you play Hwarang game, you get to see the behind story? of Hwarang and Hansung was chased out from his original room because his roommates bullied him so he went to the Chief officer and told him "I'm also a member of sword dancers so please assign me to the other room" and bribed him with nurungji to finally change his room. Why would you bully our Hansung ㅠㅠ

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Response +78 -2

1. Why are you bullying our kid? +29 -0
Homer (36) / worker

2. Who bullied our Hansung-rang? Come out now +26 -0
Before I break your legs

3. oh f*ck. you bastards are all going to die +25 -0

4. Norang room, gather around;; +6 -0

5. Our tsundere muscle pig Kook-nim's on his way to punch all of you +5 -0

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