[Article] 170201 [The first] BTS's WINGS remains on TOP 10 US Billboard World Album Chart for 16 weeks... they set a great record

BTS who has ascended as one of the top KPOP group remained on TOP 10 US Billboard World Album Chart for 16 weeks straight with their album "WINGS" which released last year. 

According to the recent World Album Chart released by Billboard (US major traditional music sales chart) on the 1st (KST), BTS's second full album "WINGS" which released back in October ranked No. 4. The album has climbed 5 spots compared to previous week.

BTS also set a great record by remaining on TOP 10 US Billboard World Album Chart for 16 weeks straight. Their achievement explains how popular they are among Korean and international fans.

(T/N: Only translated the parts that mentioned BTS)

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1. They broke their "15 weeks straight" record set by HYYH pt 2. This isn't the only chart. They're still No. 1 on Bilboard Social chart and No.44 on Artist chart. I think BTS will receive great cheerings at their US concerts in spring. +110 -0

2. They're the only Korean artists to remain on Artist 100 chart and Social 50. It's their 16th week! +103 -0

3. wow remaining on Top 10 for 3 months... as expected from BTS♡  Let's do better this year +88 -0

4. BTS's class is different +87 -2

5. good +74 -1

6. wow... I'm from another fandom but BTS's is really amazing in both Korea and around the world.. I respect them +41 -1

7. I'm in the 40s but I really love BTS... BTS is so cute and pretty... and above all, their songs are my type. I bought albums for the first time in 10 years.. and I'm even voting these daysㅜ.. I will support you guys without changing... +33 -0

8. BTS makes me look forward to the updates of Billboard charts every week. It has somehow become a habit of mine to check the charts every Tuesday and BTS remains on the chart as always :) Purple you +31 -0

9. No. 1 on Billboard social chart, No.44 on Artist chart, FIRE, Save ME entered Twitter Top Track, Top 10 on Youtube Artist chart... it's interesting to check the Billboard and Youtube charts every week. WINGS Extention, please come out soon... I'm dying from curiosity +30 -0

10. This is so cool, BTS. My friend's mother likes them too. I think their fan age group is becoming more diverse +29 -0

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