[Article] 170202 Idol who confused the public after their broadcast

Q. Who is this person?
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My friend keeps telling me that this person is a guy. Someone please tell me this person is a girl because I've finally found my ideal type. Look at those firmly closed lips. Anyway, someone please tell me her name.

"My friend keeps telling me this person is a guy. She's my ideal type.. who is she?"

A specific photo of an idol who appeared on the February 1st broadcast of V Live "Run BTS! 2017" was posted on an online community site recently.

A photo of an idol with prim expression with bob cut hair style was posted with questions like - "Who is this person?" "Which group is she from?" "Do you guys know who she is?"

The most impressive post out of all is the poster who said, "My friend keeps telling me this person is a guy. Someone please tell me this person is a girl. I've found my ideal type", expressing that he had fallen in love with the beautiful idol in the photo.

The idol in the photo who caused confusion to many is Suga (Min Yoongi) from group BTS.

Screenshots of Suga with black bob cut and a ribbon around his neck with a chic expression made many confused.

Netizens who realized this was Suga commented, "Pretty... Yoongi..", "Amazing", "Min Yoongi is pretty, cute and handsome. You're perfect.", "Unnie, please take me", "Ah ㅋㅋㅋ why is he prettier than a girl?ㅠㅠ" and reacted to his visual.

Who is she?????? Please answer me please
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My younger sister had her photo as her Kakaotalk profile photo and this person looks so pretty. But who is she??
Can you tell me if she appears on any tv show???
Perhaps cable shows???
I asked my younger sister and she just laughed and refused to tell me ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠ
I think I'm going to become a fanboy for the first time...please help me ㅜ..

Who is she?
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I saw this noona's photo going around on Facebook and she's really the sexiest girl I've seen in my life..
Please tell me who she is ㅜ Is she from a girl group? and please give me some photos of her too...

Does anyone know who she is?
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 Who is this noona? I saw her photo as my friend's profile photo and she's pretty.. Can someone please give me information about her? Is she a rookie idol? And what is this program? Because she's in school uniform...

Who is this girl idol..
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My female friend sent me this photo saying she's really pretty..;
Is she famous? I'm not familiar with idols... I saw her for the first time..ㅋㅋㅋ I don't think she's a solo artist and I think she's from a girl group so I hope you can give her photos and information. I'm thinking of stanning her for the first time and share the hobby with my female friend. I will wait for your sincere replies.

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