[Article] 170203 BTS Jin, "I recommend the Jungle to Jungkook.. there's nothing he can't do"

Jin from BTS chose Jungkook as the next member to go to the "Jungle".

Jin who joined the advance team of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado" and showed great performance as the eldest son of "Jungle Family" began, "There's almost nothing our maknae Jungkook can't do" during a recent interview the producing staffs.

He continued, "Jungkook is the perfect guy for Jungle survival. There's nothing he can't do and he makes things with interesting ideas and his inventions are successful always. He's the exact style like Chief Byungman-nim. He has a great physical ability and he does above average." and he strongly recommended Jungkook as the next "Jungle" member.

We're curious to know if BTS Jungkook would receive the baton from Jin and challenge the "Jungle". Jin's last episode in the jungle will broadcast on the 3rd evening.

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