[Article] 170203 BTS reveals the second concept photo set of "WINGS Extension"

BTS revealed the second concept photo set of "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" at 12AM (KST) on 3rd February on their official homepage and SNS channel. 

In the revealed group photo, we see BTS members sitting together at a bus station near the beach and smiling brightly with the sun pouring down on them. 

The individual photos of the members give solitary vibes unlike their group photo and this triggers our curiosity. It looks like the members are waiting for someone at the bus stop.

"WINGS Extension" which will release on the 13th of this month will contain the stories the group wasn't able to include in their second full album "WINGS" which released last October and received great love from around the world.

If their "HYYH" series and "WINGS" had talked about the stories of youth and their growth, the group is planning to talk deliver consoling messages and warm hope to the wounded youths with "WINGS Extension".

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Response +16

1. I like this group's songs because they don't always do love songs... I disliked the boring idol love songs that had always had "I'm pretty" or "I'm handsome" as the base of their song but BTS expresses each and every emotion they had felt into their lyrics and include them in their music so I like their music and for the first time, I was able to relate while listening to an idol's song... It's also surprising that their album quality increases every time they release a new one... I can't wait to listen to the new songs they'll bring for us and they're an idol I anticipate +26 -0

2. ah cool... so cool.. you never walk alone... I think the boys will bring music that will really comfort the youths of this generation and their fans... After all, they're not different from us so I think this album's going to sincerely describe the boys' intentions to share similar concerns and pains together? Well, BTS's existence itself is the source of hope and happiness to me~~ ㅎㅎ +19 -0

3. The boys are smiling brightly but I think I can feel loneliness from their photos... I can feel the hardship they would have gone through to take those photos in the cold weather. Anyway, the concept photos are really pretty. You guys always show us things beyond our expectation. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of album this extension's going to be. I'm supporting to always +15 -0

4. I'm anticipating because you always bring songs that never disappointed me. I like you guys and it doesn't matter how old I am~ I'm quite worried that you might be pressured due to the expectation of many but you guys have been doing well always so I hope you will fly high and soar~ BTS is love~!! +14 -0

5. I'm really looking forward~ BTS oppas are so handsome♡♡ +13 -1

6. Short pants again!! >.< I can feel the vibes of I NEED U~ I can't predict what kind of songs you'd bring this time because the concept photo set 1 and 2 are different ㅎㅎ +5 -0

7.  I really love the concept photos. Natural and beautiful, cool and refreshing. I love it ^^ +5 -0

8. Youth...boys... and the bus stop.. old bench.. I'm looking forward to seeing how you will unravel the stories using these elements. The rich literary sentiments and symbolizations in BTS's lyrics... You guys awaken this sentiment I have been missing in this immediate and straightforward society. I get the opportunity to think about the possible meanings and re-think again. I believe it's a very good attempt and a great influence. I'll be looking forward to your new album too. +2 -0

9. I've always felt this whenever they released a new album. Their concepts are really amazing! +1 -0

10. BTS's music has many metaphorical and lyrical expressions. I can understand my daughter studying the lyrics with the lyric booklet opened in front of her when they release a new album. The listeners have to read interpretations to study the music video since they contain symbolic elements and stories that pierce through their music. You can tell that they're different even by their concept photos. They make you wonder and think what could be the meaning in their photos. I have to work hard and get my brain working at this old age since it's necessary to support this group ㅋㅋ +1 -0

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