[Article] 170203 [Comeback of "Daesang singer"] Will BTS be able to set new global US and UK records?

Album of the Year award "2016 Melon Music Awards"
Artist of the Year award "2016 MAMA"
Best Album award "26th HIGH1 SMA" 

This is the "Daesang" like award list BTS won last year. BTS is returning on February 13th even before their Daesang zeal cools down. BTS revealed their first concept photo set on the 2nd and they're already experiencing their blazing popularity. What kind of new records will the group produce with their new album?

Last year, BTS achieved great growth that made us watch them with close attention. According to Gaon Chart, 369,000 copies of "HYYH Young Forever" which released in May last year, and 751,000 copies of their second full album "WINGS" which released in October were sold. In just 5 months, their sales volume doubled and they proved their fierce popularity by topping 2016 Sales Volume chart.

The group's second full album "WINGS" didn't only achieve high sales volume. The album set various new global records and received love from around the world. The album topped music charts in 59 countries, ranked No. 1 on 97 iTunes Charts, the songs from the album lined up on US Apple Music KPOP Song Chart, based on full album, BTS was the first KPOP artist to top US iTunes Top Album chart, their music video topped US iTunes Top Music Video Chart, and topped many KPOP related global charts and set "the first" and "the highest" (among Korean artists) records.

Whenever a top idol makes a comeback, we usually see them topping Chinese charts and iTunes charts of some countries. BTS accomplished achievements in the US and UK which are known as the birthplace of POP music. They were the first KPOP artist to enter UK Official Chart's Album Chart at No. 62 and they also debuted at No. 26 on US Billboard main chart "Billboard 200".

As for Billboard, BTS's achievement is the highest record set by Korean artist and they're the second highest in Asia. For reference, the highest record was set by a Japanese Enka singer Kyu Sakamoto in 1963 with his album "Sukiyaki" which peaked at No. 14. Considering this fact, BTS's record is the highest record in recent 40 years. BTS's "HYYH pt.2" which released in 2015 November ranked No. 171, their "HYYH Young Forever" which released last May slowly climbed to No. 107 and BTS leaped with "WINGS".

"WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" which will release on the 13th contains the stories they weren't able to include in their second full album "WINGS". BTS members once again enthusiastically participated in writing, composing and producing the new song/s included in their new album "WINGS Extension".

They have shown growth with every new album but the growth of youth painted by BTS dazzles much more. We're looking forward to the achievements of "WINGS Extension". BTS will hold their solo concert "2017 BTS  LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR in Seoul" on 18th and 19th after their comeback.

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1. I hope their new album does well again ㅜㅠㅠ +799 -75

2. I hope you will start and finish your WINGS World Tour safely♡♡ I wish your new album to hit daebak again! +663 -63

3. It's going to be daebak for sure! BTS fighting! +614 -63

4. I think their Korean and International fandom will grow a lot this year.. I will always support you, BTS~~ Purple you +601 -63

5. Our BTS is caepjjang!! +576 -60

6. I never knew I'd fall in love with an idol group at this old age but... I regret joining so late.. Why didn't I know them earlier... It's been only a few months since I joined the fandom but I've become a big fan who loves BTS for who they are ㅜ +155 -9

7. There aren't many singers who have set records like that. I'm just frustrated to see Koreans looking down on singers when they realize they're idols. It's a fact that those people who look down on idols have not listened to BTS's songs nor watched their performance +148 -9

8. BTS was mentioned as the rising global boy group on a radio show broadcasted in another country... I think it might be possible for BTS.. BTS♡ +152 -11

9. Can someone please tell me why I'm looking forward to their music when I'm from another fandom...? Is it because of their great songs... +151 -13

10. BTS is really unique! Most idol groups become popular by appearing on variety shows or dramas with the help from their entertainment companies but this group only focused on music and they became popular in other countries before becoming famous in Korea~ This explains that their music is high quality... And I think their music is more meaningful because they make their own songs! And their perfectly in sync group choreographies too! I thought "oh they're good", "They're talented" when I watched their stages during rookie days... but they were from a no-name company and their songs were filled with their own individuality than popular appeal so I thought they won't become so popular but... they've grown so big~ It's so cool to see their growth! I love their new concept too.. I'm very looking forward to their album! +153 -15

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