[Article] 170205 [Let's pay attention to the 95ers①] All-rounder: Seolhyun, Yook Sungjae, Changjo, V

There are specific "lines" in the entertainment industry formed by celebrities born in specific years. For instance, the Hip Hop scene "92 liners" (Block B Zico, Dean, Crush) and the male "93 liners" actors (Yoo Seungho, Park Bogum, Seo Kangjoon) and the girl group "94 liners" (Girls day Hyeri, fx Krystal, Miss A Suzy).

2017 is the year for "95 liners". We will introduce you to AOA Seolhyun, BTOB Yook Sungjae, Teen Top Changjo, BTS V and many other 1995 "All-rounders" who are actively performing as advertisement models, actors, and in variety shows.

◆ BTS V (1995 December 30th)

We look forward to "all-round idol" V's performance. V is a member of the group BTS whose popularity has risen rapidly with their second full album "WINGS" last year. He began his first acting in KBS2 pre-produced drama "Hwarang" which started to broadcast since December 2016. He plays the role of the innocent youngest Hwarang "Hansung" and he's doing a great job playing the indispensable character. Although this is is his debut drama, he's receiving favorable responses for showing great potentials in emotional acting.

With the 20 episode drama "Hwarang" approaching its last episode by the end of this month, V will be meeting the public at the same time as a member of BTS. BTS will be returning on the coming 13th with "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone".

V is also the member who caught the public's eyes with his extraordinary talent and energy on stage as a member of group BTS who is famous for their perfectly synchronizing group choreographies. We're looking forward to seeing the different charms he will show us during the performance of BTS's new song. Furthermore, he also showed his outstanding singing talent with his first self-composed solo track "Stigma" which was included in their "WINGS" album. We're anticipating to see how far V could grow musically.

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