[Article] 170205 [Let's pay attention to the 95ers②] Vocalists: Wheein, Hwasa, Ahn Jiyoung, Jimin

There are specific "lines" in the entertainment industry formed by celebrities born in specific years. For instance, the Hip Hop scene "92 liners" (Block B Zico, Dean, Crush) and the male "93 liners" actors (Yoo Seungho, Park Bogum, Seo Kangjoon) and the girl group "94 liners" (Girls day Hyeri, fx Krystal, Miss A Suzy).

2017 is the year for "95 liners". We will introduce you to Mamamoo Wheein and Hwasa, Bolppalgan Ahn Jiyoung, BTS Jimin and other 1995ers who dream to become the next vocalists with their unique and individual vocal colors.

◆ BTS Jimin (1995 October 13th)

Let's pay attention to "ipdeuk/fan recruiting fairy" Jimin. "Ipdeuk"(입덕) is the phenomenon of becoming a mania of something. Jimin is the member in charge of "ipdeuk" in his group BTS with his natural charms and he does his job right. Jimin succeeded in imprinting his presence on the public's mind by capturing their attention in a split second during the intro of "Blood Sweat & Tears", the title track of BTS's second full album "WINGS" which released last year.

One of the points that captured the public's attention was the tone of Jimin's voice. Jimin has a soft beautiful voice. He completed a sentimental vocal by combining his breath. Whereas, during the high notes his strength is his powerful vocalization. You can realize this by listening to Jimin's self-composed solo track "Lie" from their album "WINGS".

He was able to achieve this talent by working hard always. Some pointed out that Jimin's sweet voice did not match with hip hop group BTS's powerful music when they debuted in 2013. However, Jimin showed improvements in every new album the group released and he was able to improve his live and ability to hit the high notes that will support his attractive tone. We're looking forward to meeting the one step improved vocal of Jimin in BTS's new song from their new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" which will release on the 13th.

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