[Article] 170206 [POPUP★] BTS is the role model of present idols

Role model, the definition you find in the dictionary is a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated by others. When idol groups debut or make their comeback, one of the most frequently asked questions is about their role model. Boy group BTS who is in their fifth year in the industry is recognized and chosen as the role model by some groups. Rookie idol groups have mentioned BTS as their role model one after another.

BTS was highly praised by SF9 on the 6th. At the showcase event of SF9's new album title track "Roar", SF9 said BTS who they highly respect was also promoting during the same period when they were promoting their debut song "Fanfare". SF9 members said they think they learned a lot from BTS's stages and that they were inspired a lot. SF9 also said they wish to learn more from BTS since they will be promoting together again and that BTS's powerful yet sexy group choreographies are amazing. They also said that they are learning many things from BTS who display many various charms on their stages.

SF9 is not the only group that fell in love with BTS's charm. Most rookie groups who debuted recently mentioned BTS. At the showcase in last December, Pentagon Yan An said, "I like BTS senior and I learned a lot from them after seeing them in person. I really want to do well like senior.". Even Pentagon member Shinwon said, "It's quite different watching their stage in person compared to watching their performance on TV. I realized many things after watching senior's stage in person and I learned tips.".

Even Victon mentioned BTS as their role model after Big Bang, and BEAST. During the recent interview with Herald POP, Victon Sejun said, "I've been a fan of BTS senior for a long time even before our debut. I want to take after seniors' close teamwork. My favorite (BTS) member is Jimin senior.", and he even personally recommended BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Tomorrow".

Even rookie girl group learned from BTS. Dream Catcher who performs powerful and fierce choreography with their debut song "Chase Me" developed their strength during their trainee days by dancing to boy group dances. The girl group used to cover Big Bang's songs and BTS's "DOPE" choreography as their strengthening workout. During their recent interview with Herald POP, member SuA mentioned that the choreography of "DOPE" has no break and that the dancers have to run even when they move from one position to another. She said it was tiring even when they were only dancing to the song without singing it and admired, "I realized how amazing BTS senior is whenever we practiced with their song.".

The biggest reason why the rookie groups select BTS as their role model because of their stage and performance. BTS presented the audience with perfectly synchronizing group choreography and fierce performance ever since their debut song "No more dream". The group also created a new content with their advance performance in their concept trailer for their second album ‘O!RUL8,2?(oh! are you late, too?)’. The group built their global fandom by emphasizing their album concept and combining it with explosive sexy charms with "Boy in Luv", "Danger", "I NEED U", "DOPE", "RUN", "FIRE" and "Blood Sweat & Tears". 

Becoming a role model of someone indicates that they are being recognized in a particular field. BTS has already reached the top with their records but they're also recognized by their junior idol groups. This proves BTS's solid position. This is the achievement of a group who is in their fifth year since debut. BTS will be releasing a new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on the coming 13th. We wonder what kind of performance they'll bring for us with their new album. This is another reason why we're looking forward to BTS's comeback.

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1. BTS pride... BTS caepjjang!! +860 -5

2. It's a fact that there's a lot you can learn from idol group BTS +839 -6

3. They're the definition of cool! They never disappoint us and the quality they present us always makes me marvel. I'm so grateful~ +747 -8

4. BTS is still like a rookie group to me but they've become a role model for some groups... ㅠㅠ I'm surprised and proud. Fighting to all idols +721 -4

5. I hope they will continue to become good examples and become the role model of KPOP industry. Purple you, BTS +673 -7

6. They're like a God to idols from small companies +152 -1

7. I used to be a person who looked down on idols and refused to listen to their songs. But now I buy their albums and marvel while watching their performances. Most importantly, there are many people like me. I think this is the power of BTS. They just make me naturally say they're good. +145 -1

8. It's not easy to become someone's role model and an idol already but I think this was possible because you're BTS! When your junior groups who watch you closely like your fans have recognized you guys, I think they have recognized your true talents! Let's continue to fly higher +144 -1

9. These guys are real. They're not like the fake idols created by entertainment companies by making them master a to z. These boys are real to their guts. I never thought I'd buy an idol CD... Even now I have pre-ordered mine already and I'm waiting for their album to release.. their quality is different. Not only their stages, every music they make... +155 -5

10. You will realize that BTS's stage is very different from other idol stages when you learn about them. You can't help but realize their talent when you watch their live and performance in  person  +148 -3

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