[Article] 170207 BTS attends Jungkook's graduation ceremony + congratulates him... "I feel like I've become an adult"

BTS Jungkook attended the graduation ceremony of School of Performing Arts Seoul on the 7th. Despite their busy preparation for their new album, all members of BTS attended the graduation ceremony to congratulate Jungkook, showing off their friendship and teamwork.
On this day, Jungkook shared his thoughts on graduating to OSEN, "Attending the graduation ceremony in my uniform finally made me realize I'm graduating for real. The day I entered high school seems like just yesterday. I'm truly grateful to my teachers who guided and helped me during the 3 years in school.".
He continued, "I feel like I've finally become an adult. I will stay responsible and show you good performance.".

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[Article] 170207 Jungkook graduates with his group members congratulating him, "I will become an admirable adult"  

Also, Jungkook added his adorable hope, "We ate jjajangmyeon on the day I entered high school and we're going to eat it again after the graduation ceremony.".

Jin who came to congratulate Jungkook's graduation began, "We watched Jungkook on the entrance ceremony day and I never thought we'd watch him graduate from high school too. Thank you so much for growing up well during the last 3 years.", and he continued, "Since I came to your graduation ceremony, you should come to mine.", and made everyone burst out laughing.

Jungkook who graduated from high school on the 7th will be concentrating on BTS's promotion without going to the university.

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