[Article] 170207 BTS reveals the tracklist of "WINGS Extension"... they added 4 new tracks

BTS revealed the tracklist of "WINGS Extension".

BTS revealed the tracklist of "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on 7th 12AM (KST) on their official homepage and SNS channel.

In the revealed tracklist image, 4 new songs "봄날" (Spring Day), "Not Today", and  'Outro: Wings', 'A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone" were added to their existing second full album "WINGS" tracklist.

The last track of their second full album "WINGS" ‘Interlude : Wings’ which was an incompleted song transformed into "Outro: Wings" in their new album and ‘A Supplementary Story(외전)' with subtitle "You Never Walk Alone" is included as the last track, increasing the anticipation of their fans.

BTS will be releasing their new album "You Never Walk Alone" which sends warm hope and comfort to the youths in pain on coming 13th at 12AM on online music sites.

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1. BTS, let's hit daebak again with this album. I purple you always and please don't get hurt. Be healthy! +614 -63

2. Our BTS has talent, charms, and they're a hardworking group... I support you guys to reach higher than the goals you dream to achieve... I will always be there with you +562 -53

3. I wonder what could be the title track, Spring Day or Not Today?~~~~~~~ I thought Spring Day would be the title track since it's the first new track in the list but the song is long so I have a feeling that Not Today might be their new title song~~~~~~~~ I'm curious~~~~~~ Please give us the teasers!! +497 -51

4. BTS is talented, handsome and they have great personalities~~ I heard that their new song is going to be amazing so I'm looking forwardㅠㅠ BTS, let's hit daebak! +482 -51

5. I'm really looking forward to our BTS. I hope they will soon release the teaser of their new song. BTS caepjjang! +431 -45

6. heok. I will anticipate for BTS's new album again...! I heard that today's Jungkook's graduation day. I hope the ceremony ends well! +112 -7

7. ohhh BTS is making a comeback +96 -4

8. Namjoon said he's very grateful to fans who wait and listen their music. I'm more grateful to you for always presenting us with great songs to listen to. BTS, I purple you and congrats to Jungkook for graduating today ㅎㅎ +105 -8

9. I hope WINGS Extension to hit daebak~~ ^^ +99 -6

10. I have a feeling that Spring Day would be their title track... I really love it!! I love everything by our oppas ㅠ I really love you!! +98 -6

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