[Article] 170208 Bighit Entertainment, "Outro: WINGS has been banned from broadcasting. We have no plans to make changes"

A song from BTS's new album has been deemed inappropriate for broadcasting by KBS but their company Bighit Entertainment revealed, "We have no plans to make changes.".

Bighit Entertainment explained during the telephone conversation with TVdaily on the 8th regarding the song review result by KBS for "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone", "We have no plans on submitting the song again for reconsideration.".

They hinted, "The group will be focusing their promotion on title songs and we still have not decided their title track. Their broadcast schedules will officially begin after their concert.".

According to the review result revealed by KBS on the 8th, a part of "Outro: WINGS" was deemed inappropriate due to swear word, slang, vulgar, etc. 

Their entertainment company responded that "Outro: WINGS" is the completed version of "Interlude: WINGS", the last track from BTS's second full album "WINGS" which released last October.

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