[Article] 170208 [Oh! Music] The anticipating points to BTS's comeback

Group BTS is coming back. BTS solidified their presence as the "trend" group by sweeping the last year's Daesangs. We're anticipating to see their more improved performance and the stories they have put in their new album with their music. 

BTS will release their new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on the coming 13th. It's the extended album of their second full album "WINGS" which received great love last year. The album contains 4 new songs.

Since BTS has solidified their position as the trend group after achieving many achievements last year, we're anticipating for them to climb a step higher with their new album.

#The greatest performance

BTS's stages continue to amaze us. BTS members work on their own music and they even present high-quality performances. Their fans go wild for their stage performances that appeal the audience with their unique fierce vibes. They showcase unique charms and dominate the stage with their intense performance which makes it more enjoyable to watch BTS's stage.

BTS's concert stages are especially extraordinary. Their performances are full of life due to their overflowing energy. The group continuously performs splendid stages and when these stages meet their music, a weapon that makes BTS stand out. They are planning to reveal their new songs for the first time at the Seoul concert on 18th~19th. We can't  help wondering what sort of higher quality stages BTS has prepared again this time. 

#Album King, will they set a new record?

Now BTS gets the title "Album King" in front of their name. Last year, "WINGS" recorded 750,000 sales and it was the highest selling album in Gaon history. It was the most sold album and BTS displayed their power by sweeping the album awards at the Gayo Awards Ceremonies until earlier this year. 

There's much attention towards the possible new records that would be set by the album since this is the first album after "WINGS". In fact, with the online digital market growing stronger, the offline sales mostly helps to compare the size of the fandoms but BTS's power doesn't stop only in Korea. They have a strong international fandom. There's a keen interest on the possibility of their new album breaking their previous records. 

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