[Article] 170209 "My house is here" Kim Jongkook faces humiliation in his 23rd year since debut

Kim Jongkook who has been a singer for 23 years was humiliated as he was not recognized by the grandmother.

On the February 10th broadcast of JTBC construction project show "My house is here" revealed the story of a middle school girl who lives in a warehouse. "Hallyu Mr. Capable" Kim Jongkook appeared as the guest.

The second family of "My house is here" consisted of a grandmother, father and his teenage daughter who lived in a "warehouse". The house they lived in was not enough for the 3 member family and made MC Lee Kyunggyu express, "I think this house is worse than the house we saw on our first episode.".

Guest Kim Jongkook said, "After receiving the letter of "My home is here", I came running here early morning.", and showed his strong desire to present the family a new house. However, when Kim Jongkook arrived to meet the family, the grandmother asked, "May I ask who you are? I've never seen him before.". Kim Jongkook tried to appeal by saying, "I'm a singer and it's been 23 years since I made my debut", but the grandmother replied, "I know BTS but I don't really know him", which discouraged him.

Kim Jongkook's "humiliation" continued. The MCs mischievously bullied, "You look older than the father of the middle school girl". Kim Jongkook replied, "Actually, I'm older than him", causing howls of laughter.

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