[Article] 170209 Sleepy's reply to BTS Jin's "The clumsiness (the character) reminds me of you", "ohhh...man"

This looks like you

This looks like me
The clumsiness (of that character) looks like you!!


Rapper Sleepy revealed the screenshots of his chat with BTS Jin.

On the 9th evening, Sleepy uploaded a screenshot of a mobile messenger on his Instagram account with the caption, "ohhh my, I think you're right maaaan".

The screenshot revealed the messages Sleepy and Jin shared on messenger. Sleepy sent an emoticon to Jin who sends flying kisses as a fan service with the message, "This looks like you". However, Jin sent him another emoticon as a refutation and said, "This looks like me. The cluminess of that emoticon looks like you". 

Sleepy also presented a smile to the fans by parodying god Park Joonhyun's frequently used phrase.

(T/N: 차암나... 매애앤 (ohhh, maaan) is a word that's used often by god Park Joonhyung)

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