[Article] 170210 BTS reveals "Spring Day" M/V teaser... warm sentiments

Group BTS began the comeback countdown.

On the 10th at 12AM (KST), BTS revealed the music video teaser of their title track "Spring Day" (봄날) for "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone"  on their official homepage and SNS channel. 

The revealed teaser video began with Jungkook standing alone in front of a still amusement park ride. Other members continued to appear at the beach, inside a train, at the car park, etc. They looked solitary when they were on their own but they seemed like they were in the seventh heaven when they are seen together.

The revealed lyrics of the title track "Spring Day" - "After the end of the cold winter/ Until spring day returns/ Till the flowers bloom/ Please stay there a bit longer/ Please stay" added a nice touch to lyrical melody, increasing the anticipation for the full album by leaving a lingering warmth to the viewers.

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