[Article] 170211 BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" drops in China

The album that officially announces group BTS's comeback will drop in China.

On the 11th evening, various local medias in China reported that BTS's new comeback album "You Never Walk Alone" was available for pre-order since the 10th 2PM (local time) on China's popular music site Kugou (酷狗.kugou.com).

The concept of BTS's new album was produced to present the youths with strong hope and courage. The album contains a total of 18 songs including their title track "Spring Day" which announces the warm spring day to BTS fans.

The Chinese media highly praised their album, "It's undoubtedly the coziest and the warmest gift for those meeting spring.".

Meanwhile, BTS won the "Album of the Year" award at MAMA last November.

During their acceptance speech, BTS mentioned, "We will continue to repay you with better music". Chinese media reported, "In less than 3 months, BTS will meet their Chinese fans with a new album..". 

The highly anticipated BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" will be available for purchase on the 12th 11PM in China.

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1. When I first heard about BTS, I thought they were weird because of their funny group name but after listening to their music, my mind changed completely. I really love their music +168 -0

2. Thank you for the nice article about good news but BTS won the Artist of the Year award at MAMA ^^ EXO won the Album of the Year. FYI, BTS won the Album of the Year at MMA!! I just thought I should mention this to avoid unnecessary fanwar... I hope you could edit your article if you happen to see this comment! +161 -1

3. Seriously BTS presents their fans with great joy by releasing albums regularly. There's no idol like them as far as I know ♡ +144 -1

4. I've seen many theories that said it's going to be a consoling song for the isolated people in the world... ha... I don't know how they could come up with such ideas because their music is great too. They are a group who wears an idol mask. Seriously, they're my singers but I'm so proud of them +130 -0

5. I wish it's 12th already. The day is so long ㅠㅠㅠ I want to listen to it soon. I'm looking forward to the preview show tomorrow and I'm looking forward more to their new songs. Although I'm happy to see BTS doing well, it's so hard to get their tickets. As a person who failed to buy their ticket, I'm just waiting for their comeback stage and for my album to arrive +107 -0

6. I hope they achieve great results in China too. Fighting!! +32 -0

7. I heard they're popular despite not having any official promotion in china.  I hope they achieve great results too! +25 -0

8. I wish for an undoubtedly warm Spring Day to come. It's so warm~ +23 -0

9. I heard that they sold 7700 copies already on QQ ㅠ ah I'm proud! +22 -0

10. BTS, I purple you. Let's only walk on Spring road and flower road. We will be happy on our own so antis, please continue walking ^^ +20 -0

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