[Article] 170211 BTS's new song "Not Today" teaser.. "Intense beats"

Group BTS revealed the music video teaser of their second new song "Not Today".

On the 11th 12AM, they revealed the music video teaser of "Not Today", a new track from their album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on their official homepage and SNS channel.

They directed the members of BTS running in slow motion in the revealed teaser and a part of the strong beats of "Not Today" played in the background, arousing tension to the viewers. "20170220" appeared at the end of the video and this announced that the music video of "Not Today" would be revealed on the 20th at 12AM.

The previously revealed music video teaser of "Spring Day" had warm sentiments with lyrical melody whereas "Not Today" exhales strong vibes. This increased their fans' curiosity and the anticipation.

BTS's "WINGS Extension" which will release on the 13th at 12AM is receiving great responses even before its release and recently their pre-order has surpassed 700,000 copies.

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