[Article] 170212 BTS is No.1 on the Boy group Brand Reputation Ranking for 3 months straight

According to the Big Data analysis result of Boy group brand reputation for 2017 February, BTS came ranked No.1.

REKOREA analyzed 34,311,552 brand big data of singers from 2017 January 10th to 2017 February 11th and analyzed the consumer behavior to measure their participation, communication, and reputation rates. When compared to January Big Data (43,594,859), 21.29% had decreased.

The brand index finds the major influencing factors in online behaviors affect the brand consumption. It's an index made by analyzing the Big Data. By looking at the boy group brand reputation index we can measure the positivity and negativity of boy groups, media interest and consumers' interest and communication.

No.1 spot went to BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) with 3,499,144 participation index and 5,859,711 communication index which totaled to  9,358,855 brand reputation index. Compared to January ( 8,895,084), BTS's brand reputation index has increased by 5.21%.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "According to the brand reputation analysis for 2017 February, BTS, EXO, and Seventeen remained on No. 1 to No. 3 for 3 months straight.

He continued, "When we look into BTS's brand, phrases like "participated", "amazing" and "comeback" were highly shown in their link analysis. As for keyword analysis, "Wings Extension", "Not Today", "Jungkook graduation" were highly shown. The ranking based on analysis of positivity, they recorded 79.58%.".

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1. Let this comeback hit daebak~ +530 -57

2. BTS, I purple you~~~~~~ Jjangjjangmen, I hope you will succeed ㅎ +438 -53

3. Congrats +418 -52

4. BTS pride ㅠㅠ BTS Spring Day Not Today, let's hit daebak!! +388 -48

5. King-tan is doing well +388 -53

6. I'm so happy to see BTS doing their best to run forward all the time! Other boy groups are working hard too❤❤ +93 -2

7. As expected from BTS, caepjjang~ +97 -5

8. This is the class of BTS~ Let's succeed more and walk only on flower road!! +94 -4

9. Let's hit daebak again +92 -4

10. I honestly think BTS really is a popular group these days +81 -3

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