[Article] 170213 [BTS's Spring Day①] Youth, we can "comfort" because we're "together"

“함께라면 웃을 수 있으니까.” | "If we're together, we can smile"

"WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone". The message "You Never Walk Alone" are words of consolation offered by BTS to the youths. At the same time, these are consoling words told by BTS to themselves.

On the 13th BTS's new album "WINGS Extension" was revealed. They added 4 new songs to their second full album "WINGS" which released last October. If "WINGS" had focused on the growth of youth, "WINGS Extension" carried comforting and hopeful messages for the youth.

We are truly comforted when there is empathy. Our heartfelt comfort can reach one's heart when we share and understand each other's pain and sorrow. Therefore, BTS's consolation was genuine.

It might seem odd but even the fancy idols who shine brightly under the light on stage have worries and sadness as youths. BTS expressed those inner feelings in "WINGS Extension".

The narrator of "Spring Day" awaits to meet his estranged friend. Rap Monster and Suga wrote the lyrics based on their personal experience.  Listeners could relate to lines like "The us who can't even look at each other's face for once anymore", "I guess we have changed, I guess that's what happens to everyone" which expressed the loneliness and feeling of doubt which everyone might have felt at some point in life. At the same time, lyrics like "I guess the cherry blossoms are blooming. This winter comes to an end too" signifies hope that even broken relation can be naturally recovered like "Spring Day" that comes after winter. The warm vocals of BTS members and the song's melody were impressive as much as the lyrics.

If "Spring Day" acts as the emotional connecting link between BTS and youth, "Not Today" emphasized the one and only story of BTS. It's a moombahton stadium dance music genre track and the energetic sound catches the ears of listeners. It's said that their lyrics were inspired by "But it is not this day. This day we fight" from the movie Lord of the Rings and Martin Luther King Jr's speech. This song expresses the prejudices group BTS who is now on their 5th year had to overcome, the prejudices the group has to face in the future and their will to overcome the obstacles.

BTS is called "small company idol" and this is because they're an idol group from a small company. The reality of idols isn't guaranteed easily unless they're from SM-YG-JYP, the so-called big companies. Even BTS did not receive great attention when they debuted as the first boy group of BigHit Entertainment. The public continued to watch them with suspicious eyes even when BTS slowly built recognition. To this BTS replied with their song, "They said we couldn't do it, failure. But because we trusted each other and all of us", "Trust that we're together.Trust in "BTS". BTS's growth, proved by their album sales, digital score, international achievements and other accomplishments, is exceptional and absolutely peerless as "small company idol". Their pride in achieving these achievements only with the power of BTS is captured in "Not Today".  The chorus lines, "You're not going to die. Don't ask me just scream" "Don't surrender, don't cry" expressed their strong will to move forward without surrendering themselves to the prejudices they might face in the future.

The last track "A Supplementary Story: You never walk alone" emphazied on the meaning of "together" just like its title. Companion is what comforts the pain and loneliness of youths. Lines like- "Try to feel me (my presence), you're not alone too", "This road might be far and bumpy. But will you stay with me?" explain this message very well. This song was placed as the final track to wrap up the story of BTS and the youths which were told in previous tracks and it also completed the meaning of "WINGS Extension". The line "함께라면 웃을 수 있으니까" (If we're together, we can smile) was also used during 2015 "HYYH on stage: prologue" and this suggests that BTS's contents are connected together under one large story telling. This reminds us to anticipate to see how BTS will continue this concept with their next album.

BTS's comfort worked. Right after releasing "Spring Day", they swept No. 1 place in real time chart of 8 major Korean music sites including Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, and Monkey 3. Even "Not Today", "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone" also climbed on 1st and 2nd places on most charts, proving the potential energy of BTS.

BTS will perform their first comeback stage at "WINGS TOUR in Seoul" at Gocheok Sky Dome on this 18th and 19th.

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1. ah I feel sadder the more I listen to Spring Day ㅠㅠ It takes about hope but a corner of my heart feels heavy +3372 -212

2. I really love Spring Day, Not Today ㅠㅜ Let's hit daebak with this album too! +2788 -189

3. Their song sounded nice +2605 -185

4. BTS, I purple you. Thank you for becoming singers. +2412 -198

5. The song is amazingly good ㅠㅠ +2242 -162

6. This is a comforting song even to those who aren't youths. I keep listening to it while thinking about the lyrics. Thank you for the nice song. +552 -26

7. I think they've really become a group we trust listening to +575 -40

8. I'm really anticipating to see how far they'd climb.. Where could we find another group that comforts the listeners with their music? Thanks +537 -32

9. I f*cking love "I guess the cherry blossoms are blooming" ㅠㅠ +475 -24

10. My sensitivity bursts the more I listen to Spring Day... The lyrics sounded clearer as I kept listening to it and the more I listen to it, my tears ㅠㅠ +460 -24

11. I really love "I will come to see you" and "I will come to take you" part. I don't really like to travel but after listening to Spring Day I thought of going for a trip to pull myself together +384 -15

12. They have several comforting and society criticizing songs they released during early debut days even before Spring Day and I really love the lyrics... I'm amazed to hear that it was written by the members +378 -14

13. BTS is the only thing that can defeat BTS. They're amazing +452 -42

14. I empathized while listening to "Spring Day" and I was jamming to "Not Today" to fight the Monday blues!! BTS really moves me! This album is really amazing too! +373 -18

15. The mellow title song fits the weather. This is another masterpiece +351 -15

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