[Article] 170213 [Chart Talk] BTS "Spring Day" achieves an all-kill with No. 1 on 8 online music charts! "Melon faces connection delay" due to the release of BTS's new songs

BTS who received great love in Korea and around the world last year with their second full album "WINGS" returned with "WINGS Extension". "WINGS Extension" surpassed 700,000 copies in pre-order alone before the official release of the album and it's so "hot" that it caused online music service "Melon" to face connection when the group released their album. BTS's new title track "Spring Day" which released on the 13th 12AM (KST) topped 8 major music charts including Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Genie, Olleh Music, and Naver Music.

"WINGS" Extension: You Never Walk Alone" is the album that contains the stories BTS could not include in their second full album "WINGS" which received great love globally last October. It was told that BTS members enthusiastically participated in composing, writing the lyrics and producing the new songs and the album was released with great expectation from their fans. Their title track "Spring Day" is an alternative hip hop track, combination of British Rock sentiments and Electronic sound. Leader Rap Monster composed the key melody of the song and the listeners responded that the song expresses BTS's sincerity.

Other songs from their album like "Not Today", A Supplementary Story’ and ‘Outro : Wings ’ also stayed in the top 5 spots on music charts and they really proved that they were a strong idol group on online music charts.

"Goblin" OST remained strong on the chart. Even with BTS's new songs lining up on the chart, tvN Fri-Sat drama "Goblin" OST "I will go to you like the first snow" by Ailee which released on January 7th stayed on No.5 on Melon, No.7 on Mnet, No.6 on Bugs, No.5 on Genie, No. 4 on Soribada (as of January 13th 1AM KST). 

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Response +374

1. I felt this all the time this but BTS's songs are always nice +917 -12

2. Guys, it's BTS who we trust listening to +766 -9

3. I f*cking love their new song ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ It really slays... +680 -8

4. Why did Melon crash ㅜㅜ sobs ㅜㅜ It's sad that we couldn't line up the chart with all the songsㅠㅠ +641 -7

5. The song is insane.... It's awesome +623 -7

6. 총 조준 발사 (Aim your gun and fire) from Not Today just slayed all ARMYs +181 -3

7. I really wish everyone would listen to their songs for once.. without looking at them as an idol group but as singers. +175 -3

8. Seriously, BTS's new songs are really awesome... I think I will continue listening to Spring Day only. They are talented, have great personalities and they're nice and funny. They're also f*cking handsome too so it's obvious they have many fans ㅜㅜ Thank you for doing music +166 -4

9. I was really surprised because Melon crashed ㅋㅋ BTS fighting~ +163 -4

10. Right now their music video has 490,000 views, 330,000 likes and 350,000 comments on YT, I don't know how they could have so many comments +151 -3

11. BTS is really one of the top boy groups. It's a real Revolution of them to grow so big when they're from a small company +149 -4

12. I think this is the first time Melon server crashed. BTS WINGS TOUR, let's hit daebak +137 -3

13. If Melon didn't crash, we could have really lined up the chart with all the songs ㅜㅜ but I'm really happy and touched to see that there are so many people listening to BTS's songㅜㅜ Crashing Melon explains everything, right? BTS pride ㅜㅜ +123 -0

14. For some reason, I think BTS's songs feel different from other music... I think that is why I like it +117 -0

15. I like Spring Day but Not Today is the best! This is Bangtan st~yle +117 -0

16. I think when ARMYs go to karaoke, we'll always sing Not Today. 총조준발사~~~~~ (aim your gun and fire) +116 -0

17. wow BTS.. I think it would be safe to call them the next Big Bang +124 -4

18. I heard that even Youtube network is quite unstable. I can't read the comments ㅠㅜ +115 -1

19. The songs are nice +110 -1

20. Amazingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +95 -0

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