[Article] 170213 Idology GDW Music Video Director Kim Sungwook mentioned BTS during his interview for "IDOLMAKER"

"You need to become stronger silently, then things will change"

Behind the shining idols, there are other lead characters who work diligently. They were here during KPOP wave and they still remained in their positions even before we used the term "hallyu". And [Idol Maker] is a book that was planned to capture the detail stories of "people" working from different angles in the idol industry. We extracted a part from the book. You can check the full interview in [Idol Maker].

#Sportsman or artist

"I began to shoot scenes of riding skateboard with the camcorder"

Park Heeah: I have mentioned a few times during previous interviews, but Director Kim Sungwook, you have an interesting CV. You used to be an extreme sports player so it's interesting how you began to make video contents you are also in charge of a recognized team. Recently, several music video teams including GDW, Lumpens, DIGIPEDI are in the limelight. You are also the only director who did not major in this department. Director of photography, Nam Hyunwoo spoke highly of you and said you were "gifted".

Kim Sungwook: I did not live a completely irrelevant life. My father used to own a photo studio and he worked as an exclusive photographer for a major company and my mother was a basketball player. I inherited their talents. Then, my family faced difficult situation during the IMF crisis. That is when I met boarding. I consider myself lucky. I could have drifted away to a bad path due to sudden hardships but I think nothing very serious took place thanks tp the board. Times like that makes me believe that "hungry" mentality is necessary to some extent. It helps you to prepare yourself.

#Music video shooting

"I get tensions that suit the music video when I listen to the music"

Park Heeah: Was the difference between idol music video genre and other filmings very large?

Kim Sungwook: When I worked for idol work, I felt like I was experiencing a new world rather than fear. There are times like that when you do sports. Assuming there's a jump pole in front of you, it will feel good when you jump over it. But before jumping over it, your heart pounds with excitement and fear. That is similar to how I felt. I'm a person who compares the situation I have to face with sports. Even when I felt difficulty at first, I overcame the moment by thinking, "This is like that moment I participated at a certain event. And I did well during that time!"

Park Heeah: You worked many videos with BTS among boy groups. I heard that you worked with Lumpens Director Choi Yongseok too. When I heard this I thought, "They worked together when their team colors are really different."

Kim Sungwook: We were in charge of the planning, shooting and directing the first half of the video and Lumpens Director worked on the latter half. We are very close. Our kids are same age too.

Park Heeah: Each member of BTS has a very solid outfit concept for [DOPE] M/V. Since the music video had to look like a one-take video, I think you would have to consider many factors while working on this video.

Kim Sungwook: You are right. Their stylists had the outfit concept for the video and we had to work on how we were going to express the given images in videography. Like how we were going to express the artistic parts, and what symbolic elements we would add, what would be the cut timings, etc... And most of the parts where viewers feel the impact in the videos are actually the moments where we cut during the shoot. But as for [DOPE], there is no concept of cuts/stops. So we tried to think how we were going to add impact in this music video. (omitted) Anyway, this was the challenge for me. It was also my first complete work with BTS. Wow, but these guys really danced hard.

Park Heeah: I think you would have talked a lot with Bang Sihyuk PD-nim while you worked together with them. I'm personally curious to know what was the impression you got from him.

Kim Sungwook: Bang Sihyuk PD-nim is one of the people who sincerely respect artists and directors among the people I have met. I think BTS members learned this trait from him.

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