[Article] 170213 [Oh!Sen Talk] BTS states, "The first stage of "Spring Day" will be performed at the concert... Appearing on music shows is under discussion"

BTS is on fire. The group swept the first place on real-time chart on all online music sites as soon as they made the comeback. Their album sales are overwhelming and they're receiving great responses from other countries. It's now safe for us to call them the Korea's best group, both in name and reality.

Their fans are curious to know when they'd be able to see BTS's stage. Their first comeback stage will be revealed at their concert where BTS will be meeting their fans directly and the group has to go on the world tour but they're also discussing their plans for music show appearances. They are determined to promote enthusiastically despite this being an "extension" album.

BTS's company official revealed to OSEN, "BTS will be performing their new songs, "Spring Day" and "Not Today" at their concert on this 18th and 19th. To prevent spoilers, we have decided to only reveal this.".

BTS will officially begin their world tour with their "WINGS Tour in Seoul" at Gocheok Sky Dome on February 18th and 19th. Their fans are curious if BTS will be able to perform on music shows.

To this, BTS's company official stated, "We still have not planned music show schedules. We're still under discussion as far as we know.".

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Response +25

1. I want to watch Spring Day and Not Today performancesㅜㅜ I wish I could go to their concert but I have no ticketㅜㅜ +23 -1

2. 음반 ㅠㅠㅠ (Album ㅠㅠㅠ) +21 -2
(T/N: I think s/he might have made a typo because 음방 is music show) 

3. Please come on music shows for the fans who are crying because they couldn't get the ticket +5 -0

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