[Article] 170214 BTS "Spring Day" MV surpasses 10 million views... the fastest KPOP idol group

Immediately with their comeback, BTS set a new record in KPOP group history.

In just 26 hours and 38 minutes since the music video of BTS's new song "Spring Day" was released on BigHit Entertainment's official Youtube channel on the 13th 12AM (KST), the view received 10,219,692 views and surpassed 10 million views. They are the fastest KPOP group to set this record.

As at 14th 7AM, "Spring Day" music video is currently the No.1 most watched video in 24 hours. The art film-like image beauty of "Spring Day" music video that gives warmth and hopeful message plus the emotional expressions of 7 BTS members 
increased the immersion level of viewers.

BTS released "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on the 13th and topped the real time charts of 8 Korean online music sites with title track "Spring Day" and dominated the digital charts by lining their other new songs like "Not Today".

The group also entered US iTunes' main chart, Song Chart at No.8 with "Spring Day", "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone" at No.11, and "Outro: Wings" at No.30.

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Response +589

1. They are really amazing amd they're seriously beyond my expectations +560 -1

2. I really love the song and the music video!! It's a music video you could continue watching. BTS, succeed even more and more!!! +459 -1

3. I really like Spring Day.. the music video is pretty... and BTS looks very cool< I support you!! +435 -1

4. I really love Spring Day, Not Today... +418 -1

5. I didn't expect this because it's a story music video but... (shivers) their international fandom indeed grew bigger ㅋㅋㅋ +405 -9

6. If Youtube didn't stop updating (freeze) we could have set the record an hour earlier. Youtube, please keep your eyes open and look at how the views keep increasing +83 -1

7. This is really an insane progress. Blood Sweat & Tears reached 1 million views in 6 hours and their new song Spring Day reached 2.6 million views in 6 hours... I wish Youtube could fix their freezing soon +82 -1

8. I wonder if there are any other group who make comforting music that fits the present generation and their age. I thin you can't help liking them even more because of their musicality and the great empathy they form with their music +77 -1

9. They really bring the greatest songs every time they return. Something is very different about BTS's music and stage. They are very amazing! +74 -1 

10. It's a healing music video. The song is nice but the music video is equally great. +73 -1

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