[Article] 170214 Hwarang, "The youngest Kim Taehyung will play the nuclear role for the story of today's episode (14th)."

What could Park Seojoon and Kim Taehyung promised each other in "Hwarang"?

KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Hwarang" is a youth historical drama that talks about the story of Hwarangs, the beautiful men like flowers. The story focuses on the friendship, love, and growth of the lead characters. The heartwarming bromance of these youths who have come together as Hwarang has captured the viewers. 

There are six youths in "Hwarang" who are also known as "Six Hwarang". These Hwarangs have different charms and stories of their own and they have grown together. The chemistry between Sunwoo (Park Seojoon) who is like the reliable eldest hyung of the group and the sunshine like youngest Hansung (V/ Kim Taehyung) is receiving great attention.

The producers of "Hwarang" caught the attention of the viewers by sharing still cuts of Sunwoo and Hansung from episode 18. 

In the revealed photo, Sunwoo and Hansung are seen sitting together. As always, Hansung is looking at Sunwoo with a bright smile, and even Sunwoo is watching him with a warm gaze. They even make a promise with a pinkie-swear. We could feel their warm friendship by looking at the photos.

Most importantly, we're curious to know what could be the promise between Hansung and Sunwoo. In the teaser that was revealed last week at the end of episode 17, Hansung's grandfather told Hansung's half brother Danse (Kim Hyunjoon), "If this goes wrong, I will end your life with Hansung.". What changes could sunshine Hansung go through due to the brutal power struggle of the adults? And what did Hansung and Sunwoo promise each other?

We were also able to check the determined look on Hansung's face. Hansung was the youngest boy among the 6 Hwarangs who always had a smile on his face. But in the revealed photo, Hansung is seen reading a letter with a serious look on his face and this makes the photo more significant. What could be written in the letter Hansung's holding in his hands? There is much attention towards Episode 18 which will reveal the promise between Sunwoo and Hansung, and later the stories of other fates. 

Hwarang producers hinted, "Hansung will play the nuclear role in episode 18 which will broadcast today (14th). Kim Taehyung  who played the role of Hansung expressed these scenes with his extraordinary passion. This is the first step of Kim Taehyung as an actor idol so we hope you will give a lot of attention to Park Seojoon and Kim Taehyung's bromance.".

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