[Article] 170215 BTS's "WINGS" remains on TOP 10 US Billboard World Album Chart for 18 weeks straight

BTS's second full album "WINGS" set a milestone on US Billboard World Album chart for remaining in TOP 10 for 18 weeks straight. 

On the 14th (local time), according to the recent chart revealed by Billboard, BTS is No. 1 on "Social 50", and their second full album "WINGS" ranked No. 8 on "World Album" chart.

BTS entered Billboard World Album Chart at No. 1 on the first week since it's release on last October. The group remained on "TOP 10" for 18 weeks and they displayed an undying global popularity.

BTS was the first Korean artist to reamin on "Billboard 200" chart for 3 weeks straight with their second full album "WINGS" last year, remaining at No. 26 which is the highest ranking achieved by Korean artist.

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