[Article] 170215 [Exclusive] Reformation of Music Charts, "Lining up songs at 12AM" will disappear

There is a high possibility that releasing digital albums at 12AM might disappear.

According to several Gayo industry officials on the 15th, major Korean digital music contributors like Melon, Bugs, Genie, Mnet, Soribada, Naver Music, and Monkey 3 will reorganize management for some of their charts. The changes might take place as early as the end of this month. The hourly updated realtime chart will still exist but in cases of albums released at 12AM, they will be reflected on the following day 1PM chart and not on the realtime chart.

Albums released between 12PM and 6PM will only be reflected on realtime chart instantly. As for albums released outside these hours, they will be reflected on the chart from the afternoon of the following day. It's been said that this will be applied on both weekdays and weekends. 

Even if a singer releases an album at 12AM, all songs excluding the ones from this album will be reflected on the chart. For instance, if a singer releases his/her album at 12AM, this song will not be reflected on 1AM chart. You will be able to check it's performance from the following day's afternoon. 12AM is highly preferred by big singers and popular idol groups. Since there are fewer users during this hours, they're able to dominate the charts easily compared to the day when their fandom unites. In other words, night time is easier for singers to earn titles like "lining up their songs on the chart" and "achieves an all-kill".

The issue of releasing albums at 12AM was continuously brought up in the industry. With two album releasing times, 12AM and 12PM, the aim for the change is to maintain stable rankings and fairness. Also, the main problem of "12 AM release" is that contributors cannot make a speedy action when there are any technical issues during the night time.

When the the TOP 10 positions are dominated by one artist during the night time, it's been evaluated that this hinders fair competition as it affects the following morning's chart as well. They are planning to secure constant charts with various music genre and stop the extreme changes brought by "lining up songs on chart".

For a while, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has taken diversified meaures to maintain fair real-time charts, including the abolition of song recommendations, etc for a fair music market.

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1. You should get rid of real-time chart instead of bringing measures like this to prevent lining up songs on the chart. We're the only country with real-time chart and it's all because of idol fans who only care about real time chart. In the end, idol fans are the ones giving money to contributors so it's irony how they're blamed for hindering fair competition and then reflect their songs later on the charts... +2550 -42

2. just get rid of the real time charts. that's the best. we just need daily, weekly +2472 -29

3. let's leave daily, weekly and yearly charts and get rid of real-time chart. this is the main culprit that ruins gayo industry +1994 -24

4. I hope the changes will make the chart rational +1176 -30

5. honestly, for the public it's not attractive to see boy idol songs lining up on the chart... you tend to skip the title song too even when you were going to try listening to it... +1413 -334

6. real time chart is the problem. 5 minute chart is worse.... just only keep daily, weekly and yearly charts  +398 -4

7. then you should get rid of Melon's 5 minute chart too. what is that chart for? I think the 5 minute chart only starts more competition +331 -3

8. everything will be alright when you get rid of real-time chart. I don't really understand why real-time chart exists +325 -3

9. this is quite meaningless because they will line up the song on the next night again;; this isn't the solution. you need to get rid of real-time chart to solve this +288 -4

10. just get rid of real-time chart +284 -3

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