[Article] 170215 [Pat, pat] Kim Taehyung (BTS V) leaves "Hwarang" with death. The performance of the new idol actor we anticipate

Group BTS member V who is also actor Kim Taehyung left "Hwarang". He left a strong impression with "death" and made us look forward to his future performance.

On the February 14th broadcast of KBS2 Mon-Tues drama "Hwarang", Hansung played by Kim Taehyung was learned that his grandfather had ordered his brother Danse (Kim Hyunjoon) to killed Sunwoo (Park Seojoon). Hansung caught the blade of Danse's sword as he charged to stab Sunwoo. The poison on the blade soon spread in his body, killing Hansung in the end. Since it was the death of Hansung who always followed Sunwoo with a bright smile and showed changes for the first time for his half brother, his death presented the viewers with great sorrow.

Kim Taehyung who attempted acting for the first time attracted viewers' attention by playing the role of whimsical and bright Hansung. He did have a few awkward moments at the start since this was his first acting but he slowly blended into the character of Hansung during the 18 episodes. Overflowing with cute charms and friendly personality, he increased the immersion level of viewers with his true personalities which were very close to Hansung's. Furthermore, he left a memorable ending that made a strong presence. Kim Taehyung carried out his duty faithfully.

Previously, Kim Taehyung did show his acting in BTS's title track music videos of HYYH pt 1 and pt. 2. He expressed the emotions of confused youth.  He also played the role of a murderer with his sorrowful gaze in their prologue as well as in their recently released music video for "WINGS Extension". 

Likewise, Kim Taehyung acted various roles from friendly younger brother like image to a murderer to improve his acting ability. These characters increase our expectations for his future performance and we're looking forward to seeing the filmography created by Kim Taehyung who just took his first step as an idol actor.

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