[Article] 170216 BTS "Spring Day" MV is the fastest KPOP group MV to reach 20 million views

BTS continues their global popularity and drops new records every day.

In 87 hours and 50 minutes since the release of BTS's new song "Spring Day" music video which released on the 13th at 12AM (KST), the music video received 20,016,275 views, making them the fastest KPOP idol group to surpass 20 million views.

BTS was  the fastest KPOP group to reach 10 million views and now they are also the fastest group to surpass 20 million views.

The music video is popular globally. "Spring Day" music video is No.1 in the 6 countries' iTunes Music video chart including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. This proved BTS's global popularity.

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1. Congratulations to BTS Spring Day music video for becoming the fastest idol to reach 20 milliom views on YouTube. You guys worked hard! ARMYs are supporting you always. You are doing great already. Just continue doing what you do. - After the end of cold winter, Until spring day comes, Til the flowers bloom, Please stay there a little longer - +419 -1

2. The music video is really pretty so I don't get tired watching since it's like a short film. I'm looking forward to Not Today MV too! +377 -1

3. heol guys ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm really proud +343 -2

4. BTS, the lyrics are beautifulㅠㅜㅜㅜ but your faces are more beautiful ㅠㅠ +315 -1

5. Congrats +297 -4

6. 1,170,000 likes (shivers) I will be happy when it reaches 100 million views too! There are many groups that could not reach 10 million views...  I think Blood Sweat & Tears and Boy in luv will hit 100 million views im a few days +80 -2 

7. Congratulations and love you. They set new records but they move the viewers with music videos with a message. +67 -1

8. If you watch the interpretation video of Spring Day on YouTube, you'll be moved moreㅠㅠ I'm sure there are some of you who still haven't watched their music video interpretation. I hope you will watch it. I think international viewers will be more moved if they know the deep meaning of the music video~ I hope it will spread globally +69 -2

9. keuu Jimin was watching it too ㅠㅠㅠ ARMYs fighting +70 -3

10. Congrats. Your new music video has a cool story and beautiful colors. I support you +64 -1

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