[Article] 170216 Mnet, "Shindong will not be appearing on "Shin Yang Nam Show" due to his schedules... Jang Doyeon will join as MC" (official statement)

Comedian Jang Doyeon will join "Shin Yang Nam Show" as the MC. 

Mnet official revealed on the 16th evening to Sports Today, "Jang Doyeon will join as the MC of Mnet "Shin Yang Nam Show". Shindong will not be joining us due to his schedules.".

"Shin Yang Nam Show" was named after the last names of the present  MCs, Yang Sehyung and Eric Nam. It's a talk battle show and Super Junior Shindong was expected to join the 3MC Talk Battle, however, he won't be joining the show due to his schedules.

The first episode of "Shin Yang Nam Show" with BTS was recorded on 11th February. When the staffs were asked if Shindong had joined them during the recording of the first episode, the official replied, "Shindong did not join us for the first episode recording.".

Meanwhile, the first episode of "Shin Yang Nam Show" with BTS who returned with "WINGS: You Never Walk Alone" will broadcast on 23rd February 7:40 PM (KST).

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(T/N: According to the preview, it's also going to be a nupbang show!)

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