[Article] 170216 [Music@Report] BTS is flying effortlessly with their wings

Group BTS has put on their wings and they are flying effortlessly.

On the 13th, BTS released their new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone". Title track "Spring Day" made us realize the power of BTS. The group conquered the largest Korean music site Melon and other major music sites.

The concept for this album is a repackage of their second full album "WINGS" which released last October. They changed the overall feel of the album and included songs from their previous album. BTS aimed to add plenty of warm sentiments in the album. Their company explained that they intended to send warm comfort and hopeful messages to the youths in pain.

The music video of "Spring Day" which carried their sentiments reached 20,016,275 views in just 87 hours and 50 minutes since it was released. This is the fastest 20 million views record set by Korean idol group. They were also the fastest group to surpass 10 million views previously and they had set another new record. "Spring Day" music video sweeping the No. 1 spots on iTunes Music Video Chart in 6 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

BTS debuted in 2013. And they stood tall as the Daesang singer in 2016. However, BTS did not receive attention ever since from debut. BTS began to gain recognition from around the world since 2015 and their "HYYH Young Forever" album which released in 2016 May recorded 300,000 copies in pre-order. In other words, they hit the jackpot. 

BTS replaced their own best record in October that year by recording 500,000 copies in pre-order for their second full album "WINGS". This was also the highest pre-order volume in history. The demand for BTS was on a bigger fire in 2017. "WINGS Extension" had surpassed 700,000 copies in pre-order. This was an overwhelming figure in Korea.

BTS strode higher. They repeatedly talked about the wounds of teenagers and criticized the society in the view of teenagers. With hip hop genre as the base, the members' performance played an important role. Not all members danced in perfect sync but BTS indeed shined when they were on stage. This even made them look like they were dancing in perfect sync.

Due to this, BTS was first recognized by international fans. It's quite possible for new KPOP songs to enter the US Billboard chart. PSY's "Gangnam Style" stayed in No. 2 for 7 weeks straight and this changed the opinion US had on KPOP.

BTS who had indeed entered the Billboard chart also entered the UK chart. PSY's "Gangnam Style" had topped the Single Chart before but BTS was the first Korean artist to enter the Album Chart. When BTS released their second full album "WINGS", they entered the UK Album Chart at No. 62 and No. 16 on Indie Album Chart.

BTS is also gradually painting a bigger picture on stage. BTS who began their Korea concert in 2014 October in front of thousand audiences is about to begin their 2017 World Tour. They will start with two shows on 18th and 19th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul "WINGS TOUR in Seoul" and the group has confirmed to perform 19 shows in 9 countries, 11 cities. They will continue to add more shows in the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Austrailia. 

BTS was teased for having a funny group name, accused of imitating other groups, and criticized that they will not succeed as a hip hop idol group. However, as of today, BTS is writing the new history in KPOP. 

We wonder how much higher BTS would climb and their performance in the future.

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1. Because they are a group that grew up gradually from the bottom, I think this makes them better +2656 -212

2. I'm very enjoying your new song~ ^^ +2139 -159

3. Their new song "Spring Day" is really sorrowful ㅜㅡ I love it +2080 -158

4. I really love the song Spring Day! Congratulations on becoming the fastest group to reach 20 million views on Youtube! :D +1987 -156

5. I just became a fan of BTS ㅠ Thank you for presenting great songs always. I love you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +1352 -101

6. I was wondering why they just rose to fame in overnight but I was wrong.. so they climbed a step at a time from the bottom. And I understand why people like them after listening and watching to their song, dance, and performances +421 -20

7. I'm happy because I can feel your sincerity in your music... there's no way this group will fail +433 -29

8. They're really amazing. 20 million views already? (shivers) I guess you're recognized for good songs indeed +426 -27

9. I don't know why but I love the intro of the music video where he puts his head close on the rail track so I keep rewatching the music video. I really love the song that starts with the sound of train so I really watch the music video many times ㅋㅋㅋ +411 -22

10. I'm not a BTS fan nor their anti but I gain strength by listening to their songs because many of their songs are filled with meaningful lyrics. I like their songs because they aren't just light, meaningless songs +396 -18

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