[Article] 170217 [Exclusive] BTS has decided to promote on music shows... their first stage on 23rd "M Countdown"

We will be able to watch BTS perform their new song on music shows. To repay to their fans support, they will be promoting on music shows for a week. They have confirmed to perform their first stage at Mnet "M Countdown".

According to the broadcasting station on the 17th, BTS is on the list of performers for the 23rd February broadcast of Mnet "M Countdown". The group is planning to promote for a week on music shows starting on the 23rd.

Initially, their plans for promoting on music show was unclear. BTS released their new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on the 13th with a new title track "Spring Day" and other songs like "Not Today", but the group was packed with world tour schedules starting with their Seoul Concert this month.

However, they have decided to promote on music shows for a week to thank their fans' support and we will be able to watch BTS performing their new song on stage.

They have received great love for their new album. As soon as "Spring Day" was released, the song swept 8 major online music charts and the music video surpassed 10 million views in just 26 hours, setting new records in the KPOP history.

Meanwhile, BTS will be performing their new songs "Spring Day" and "Not Today" for the first time on the 18th at their Seoul concert. BTS will begin their "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" in Seoul on 18th and 19th and hold 19 concerts in 9 countries, 11 cities.

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1. God BTS. Their new song is really great. I don't know how they'd perform this song on stage ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looking forward +1890 -198

2. This is the first time I'm so anticipating for a stage ㅋㅋ I'm really curious about their choreography +1680 -151

3. BTS is coming~ Point the gun, aim and fireeeee! +1482 -150

4. BTS let's fly the sky. Love you! +1334 -145

5. They're finally promoting on music shows!!! BTS, let's purple each other! +1273 -190

6. Good luck BTS! +245 -15

7. I really love Spring Day because it's different compared to their existing powerful songs. I will def watch BTS's performances on music shows. Love you and I will always support you +219 -9

8. I will state I'm not a fan of BTS... As a person who enjoys listening to "I will go to you like the first snow", there were many times I was confused when I looked at the chart in the morning lately. But I'm anticipating to see how high this group will rise because they're a self-made group, not from the 3 major entertainment companies and they already have so many female fans supporting them. +230 -13

9. I'm looking forward to the music show performances because the song is nice!! +213 -11 

10. wow.. daebak ♡ +249 -24

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