[Article] 170217 The gems discovered by "Hwarang", Do Jihan, Cho Yoonwoo, Kim Taehyung

We write "H-w-a-r-a-n-g" but we read it as actors rediscovered.

With only 2 episodes remaining until the end of KBS2 Mon-Tues drama "Hwarang", it's well received for showing various possibilities as a youth historical drama.

The youth actors who are known as "The six Hwarangs" played their characters well and increased the completeness of the drama. We took a closer look at Do Jihan, Cho Yoonwoo and Kim Taehyung who are equally attractive as the lead actors Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik and Choi Minho.

◆ Makes a good start, Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung (Hansung) played the role of the youngest Hwarang Hansung in "Hwarang".  Hansung is the sunshine-like youngest with a bright smile. We could say he's the whimsical character who creates bromance with other hyungs in the drama. His character also portrays the pressure he has on his shoulders since he needs to rebuild his family, remorse for his half brother Danse, and other pains experienced by youths.

BTS member Kim Taehyung made his official debut as an actor with "Hwarang". Kim Taehyung met with a character that is just like his true personality and played an indispensable and energizing role in the drama. That's not all, he left a strong impression to viewers with his emotional acting which was beyond our expectation when he left the drama with a death scene. Kim Taehyung proved his possibilities as an actor with his first drama "Hwarang".

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