[Article] 170217 US Billboard highly praises BTS's "Spring Day"

US Billboard highly praised BTS's new song "Spring Day" and revealed that they look forward to a new record the group might set in the Billboard chart.

Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin expressed through his article on the 15th, "BTS is a KPOP group that is showing remarkable performance in the recent global music scene. Since their 2013 debut, they are the first Korean act to set the highest record on "Billboard 200" and they continued to distinguish themselves on charts like "Social 50", "World Album", "World Digital Song Sales"." 

He continued, "Deeper social, personal topics, bullying, mental health and the dark sides of adolescence were discussed in their past album tracks and music videos... "Spring Day" takes things a step farther by getting more into the journey one takes during a tough time or break up.".

Furthermore, he added, "That focus was seen when "Spring Day" flew into the Top 10 of the Top Overall Songs chart on U.S. iTunes after its release on Sunday and remained high even as tracks from the 2017 Grammys began racing up the rankings. No K-pop group has sent a song as high on the iTunes singles chart, with only PSY being the other Korean act to land a song as high when "Gangnam Style" topped the ranking in 2012.". 

Jeff Benjamin said, "The hype for "Spring Day" is particularly high in America as the band gears up for three arena concerts in America. The streaming and music video views supported by their fans for the single title track brings possibilities of entering "Hot 100" in the future.", expressing his anticipation to BTS's new record. 

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1. BTS, lets only walk on flowery and spring-like road +231 -1

2. I'm proud to be BTS's fan +212 -1

3. BTS's spring day has come~ ^^ +196 -0

4. BTS~ as expected, my BTS-pride is overwhelming~~~ +196 -2

5. If they do get lucky and enter the chart, I don't even wish for any high ranks.. I just wish they debut higher than Wonder Girls.. because that would make them the achieve the highest record by a Korean idol! +138 -8

6. BTS is a group I look forward to seeing everyday +56 -1

7. It'd be nice if they could enter the chart and there's always a second chance if they don't make it this time! I like BTS because BTS is a growing group. I like Spring Day too +55 -1

8. Their Japanese albums are the only albums they've released so far outside Korea not even in the US.. but in reality, their fandom in South America, Europe, Asia and even Austraila keep growing.. Fans who joined the fandom at first for their looks and choreographies eventually love their songs, in other words, BTS itself +53 -1

9. WINGS... let's fly higher~~ ♡ high up~ let's only walk on spring road~~♡♡ +48 -1

10. It's not even an English song and the song didn't even get played in their local stations so if BTS do enter Hot 100, that would prove BTS has built a solid and strong fandom in the US. Due to the GRAMMY awards, the chart is dominated by the winning songs but BTS still made it to No. 8 on iTunes which is an amazing accomplishment already. Even if they can't enter Top 100, I will never be disappointed. Because we can try again next time ^^ +45 -1

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